What causes weak erection

The Common Issues of Erection Troubles

Are you suffering from sexual problems? More than 40% of men are suffering from sexual issues. Actually, they are caused due to erection troubles. The hormones, nervous, blood vessels are working together to create erection. It allows the blood to produce the proper flow to the penis tissues.

When the blood is filled in penis then erection is achieved? In the blood vessels to the penis, the erection is maintained as well. At some points in man’s life, they may have difficulties maintaining the erection. These erection problems occur when you can’t maintain or achieve the erection. Even, you are not able to do the proper sexual intercourse. The erection problems are also known as.

 Sexual dysfunction
 Impotence
 Erectile dysfunction

Most of the men are facing these problems occasionally and it is not a serious issue. According to professionals, erection problems cause up to 20% of time.

Here is the list of some common causes of erection problems

Here is the list of some common causes of erection problems.

Physical causes

In Older men, the physical causes of erection issues are common. It comes due to disorders that affect the blood vessels. This problem is responsible for an erection. There are number of physical causes which include the medical erection problems-

 Obesity
 Diabetes
 Heart disease
 High blood pressure
 Alcoholism
 Liver or Kidney Disease

Psychological issues

The emotional issues distract the men of any age Erection problems aroused on that stage.

 When you are not being able to maintain an erection
 When you are suffering from the emotional distress
 Depression
 Anxiety
 Relationship issues

The problems in young men

The man of 20 to 30 years’ experiences the problem of erectile dysfunction. According to previous report common these problems have occurred in young people mostly. As a research, the erection problem hits young men most of time due to Lifestyle for mental health issues. Most young people use tobacco, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. It is the rich source of erectile dysfunction. There is number of people who suffer from the issues of erection problems due to anxiety or depression.


 It is highly advisable to find the professional doctor for diagnosing the erection problems. You may determine the causes of erection problems and see what it includes.
 You have to make a complete blood test to know about the onset of test.
 There is need to do the hormone test also and get hormone profile. In this test the level of male sex hormones is measured.
 Ask the doctor to know the erection functions work during sleep
 Make a duplex ultrasound which requires the high-frequency waves

Treatment of erection problems

What causes weak erection? Do want to know about all these problems? It should be noted that you can go to a professional doctor. The professionals are able to provide better services to cure weak erection. During weak erection problems, you will not be able to do sex. Make sure you are getting the treatment of weak erection at the right time to increase the sexual tendency.

The professional doctors provide proper medications and directly injected into the penis. These medications are directly injected into the urethra. The doctors suggested oral medications also. Sometimes, there is a need to perform surgeries which also includes penile implant surgery. It also uses the vacuum devices.

Make lifestyle changes

To cure the problems of weak erection, you have to know what causes weak erection. You will be able to what things are caused erection in your body. There is needed to make some lifestyle changes.

 Stop the tobacco
 Less alcohol
Eat healthily
 Exercise daily