how to do basic makeup

Steps To Apply The Basic Makeup

Do you want to learn how to apply makeup easily? As you know applying makeup is a complicated work. When you are watching out the makeup tutorials then it is confused to apply the makeup. Even you can’t understand what the concealer and foundation do. Sometimes, you don’t know you have to put the Eyeshadow first or last. The truth is, you do not understand all the facts to apply makeup on your face, find more about this.

Now, it is recommended to understand all the applications easily when you are considering the right steps. With all these write steps, you can understand to apply the makeup on your face easily. You might focus on applying the right makeup with highlighter and other beauty products. There is number of products you have to use to apply the makeup and especially the concealer primer and other. With the step by step process, you can work on the applying of makeup.

Apply primer

First of all, you have to apply primer on your skin. The primer is good to eliminate the oil from your face. With the use of primer, you can make your face as well. So, it is highly advisable to do the massage of primer at your face. It is good to make your face ready for the makeup.

Fill Brows

Now, you have to work on your eyebrows. As you know, it is time-consuming element, but you can work on YouTube when you are getting pretty clues. After the eye makeup, you can make your eyes perfect and you have to make the eyebrows shape. With some products you can work on the eyebrow shapes. For this purpose, you can use the eyebrow pencil. You have to use a pencil in their areas.

Apply Foundation

Don’t need to apply a lot of foundation on your face. You have to apply in the right amount of foundation which you can make your face ready for all the makeup. Around the eyes, nose and forehead, there is needed to apply the foundation. Actually, it can prevent brown makeups. So, you can keep your hand and Chin perfect when you are applying the foundation with a brush.

Use Concealer

Use Concealer

After the foundation format is the time to use concealer. There is needed to make a layer of concealer on your face. Even, you have to blends together. There is a need to use the shade which is lighter. Now, you can apply it under the eyes to make beautiful.


With the help of these steps, you can apply the Eyeshadow. Now, you can apply the Eyeshadow easily and who keep your eyes colored. As per your mood, you can color your eyes.

Work with Liner

Do you want to know how to do basic makeup? For this purpose, you have to consult with professionals. Now, you can know about all the processes of doing basic makeup and you have to use the liner. Instead of the liner, sometimes you are using the Kajal. These things can help you to get the perfect shape under your eyes. Even, you can make your eyes beautiful as well.

Add Blush

Blush is one of the favorite parts of applying makeup. You have to wipe it out on your face together. Actually, it is good to make your cheeks perfect. Now, you can fight with all the wrinkles and aging lines when you are applying it perfectly.

favorite parts of applying makeup

There are a number of other things you have to apply which is highlighter, contour, lip statement, powder and at last you have to use the mascara.