What type of machines are used in factories?

In the modern world, people don’t have time to visit the factory or to see their products. They buy them online and they receive them in the mail. But if you want to know more about the manufacturing process and what type of machines are used to make your products, then you need to understand these things. So, here are some answers.

What is a machine?

A machine is an apparatus which is used to make different items. It has a tool or a part that works on the item. So, it is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about machines.

Types of machines

There are two main types of machines. The first one is an automatic machine which has an automated system for working. And the second one is a semi-automatic machine which needs some human supervision but it is mostly automatic.

CNC milling machines

These are the most used types of machines in manufacturing. They are used to work on metal and plastic. CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control. It is an advanced technology in which a computer automatically calculates the movements of the tool and moves the tool accordingly.


It is a combination of a robot and computer. It has a robotic arm that moves automatically. There are many types of robots like welding robots, assembly robots, etc.

Industrial robots

This is a machine that is used in manufacturing. It is mainly used to move parts of a machine from one place to another. Industrial robots have a long arm and it has a lot of tools.

Automated machine

The modern machines are semi-automatic, but some of them are automatic. They are used in small industries, or if you want to make a small amount of products.

What is a machining tool?

Machining is the process of using a tool to cut material. This is done by using a machine and a tool. Machining is used to cut different shapes, and it is also called turning. A machining tool is a machine tool that can be used for this purpose. It is one of the most important tools that are used in manufacturing.

Types of machining tools

There are many types of machining tools. The main types of tools are as follows:

Tooling equipment

This is used to shape the item in the desired way. It is a manual tool and it is used to make small parts like screws, nuts, etc.

Handheld machining tool

Handheld machining tools are used for cutting, drilling, and grinding. These tools can be small and compact and can be easily transported to the places where you need to perform the operation. They are usually portable and have a power source such as a battery. The operation of a handheld machining tool is easy and they are available in various sizes and designs.


The manufacturing industry has been evolving rapidly over the past decade. In the beginning of the 20th century, most products were handmade by craftsman. With the development of technologies, many factories emerged. In the last century, there were some significant advances in the development of machinery. Nowadays, a wide range of manufacturing machines are used in the factories for different purposes.