How Long Does LED Neon Sign Stay On

How Long Does LED Neon Sign Stay On

LED neon signs are extremely useful for advertisement. They are not just used for business advertisements but are also used in many places such as restaurants, banks, shopping malls, and even at movie theaters and theme parks.

Some of you might ask, how long does Neon Direct stay on? The answer is not that simple; it depends upon many factors such as the type of neon sign, the size of the sign, and the type of material used.

What is LED Neon Sign?

What is LED Neon Sign

The LED Neon Sign is a sign that has many LEDs in it. It may illuminate the signs with lights depending on the tagline of the company.

The purpose of the LED Neon Sign is to attract people by providing light, and to inform them about their business or event.

Things That Will Determine How Long LED Neon Signs Will Stay On:

The lifespan of an LED neon sign will probably be more than the average light bulb. LED neon lights can last for decades longer than their traditional counterparts, but they are also more expensive to replace. These are the things that will decide how long LED neon signs will last:

Material used:

Material used

This is one of the most important things that determine how long neon signs will stay on. Neon signs typically last for five years, and this is due to the fact that they are made with a high quality mixture of gases. The gas mixture is mostly argon and helium, which is used because it has a very low boiling point.


The size of the sign also determines how long the neon sign will stay on. If your neon sign is too big, then it will consume more electricity, but if it is small, then the life of the neon sign will increase.


It is very easy to find out the location where you want to place your neon sign because it is placed on top of the building. If you want to know how long neon signs stay on, then you should place the neon sign on the roof of the building.

What are the Advantages of Using LED Neon Signs?

LED neon signs offer several advantages over traditional neon signs. With LED technology there is an extremely low heat emission level and no UV light. This means that these aspects will not alter the sign reading experience.

There is no risk of electrocution when replacing bulbs in this type of sign; without warning, lights can explode and start fires for example.

How to Install an LED Neon Sign

How to Install an LED Neon Sign

This is how you install an LED neon sign. It’s important to take safety precautions when installing one of these signs because it can cause injury if handled improperly.

After getting permission from the property owner, mark the property lines with spray paint or chalk, then use a straightedge to secure wires in place after following their manufacturer’s instructions for connecting connectors.

Then screw in the light bulb and remove its protective cover. Now attach the tube of the LED neon sign to the light socket and attach a wire from each bulb to one of its connectors. Attach your connectors for the rest of the bulbs.


Neon signs are one of the most exciting mediums to use. However, they have a limited life span. Once the neon sign has been used for a long period, the color will fade.

The best way to get around this is to invest in a high-quality neon sign. It’s also a good idea to get a neon sign that is waterproof.