What to Do When a Website is Down

What to Do When a Website is Down?

A fully functioning website is significant for the business of this generation. Hitches in the website pave a way to miss out your potential customers which leads you to lose your revenue. It is mandatory to make sure the website is up and running always despite the several issues comes every day which affects loading and working properly. If you are wondering what to do when the website is down, then exploring this article is worth considering.

Cause of website down:

When your website is down and shows an error page instead of your website, you will experience one of two problems. They are the most common problem that affects the website. They are run down below.

• Website host isn’t working
• Snag between your computer and host server

Performing a few tasks can easily assist you fish out is website down and root out the hitch.

Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection:

Try to reach another website. If you can reach another website, there is no internet problem on your computer. If you can’t reach the website, then the internet connection is the problem. Rectifying internet connection would pave a way to access the website.

Check hosting companies website:

Visit your hosting company’s website. If the company website isn’t working, then it is a server problem. When you can visit the website, then the domain name or your website must be the problem.

Visit your website from a different computer or smartphone. This aids you ensure nothing is wrong with your ISP. When the other devices let you visit the website, then ISP is the problem. If you cannot visit the website from other devices, then the site or domain must be the problem.

Ping your website:

Pinging your website is one of the effectual ways of sorting out the hitch. To ping your website, click “start” followed by “programs” and “Accessories”. You will find “Command Prompt” in “Accessories”. Type the word ‘ping’ and give a space finally your domain name. This pops up a series of reply message which incorporates bytes used, IP address information and other similar data. When you receive any of these, then the website is working. When you get ‘timed out’ message, the website isn’t working.

Traceroute command:

Performing traceroute command must be your next step. It is the effectual way to identify various ways of the computer connects to a domain and point out the problem. Now return to Command Prompt and type the word ‘tracert’ and followed by a space as well as a domain name. A series of lines appear which shows information regarding your website. In the first four lines, three stars along with ‘Request Timed Out’ listed. When it is listed on other lines, then you will know where the problem is. It lets you decide whether you need to contact Net Access Corporation point or other network sites.

When you ping and traceroute point to a fully functioning website, it starts to show up other options available. Open the web design software application and start to look up for connection information. According to the software application you are using, type in the domain name, host information and other client identification data to connect to the data. As it connects and uploads the updated website on the internet. Make sure they right else make it right. It is better to double-check the information and if there is anything mismatch with your host ID to your host provider; it might be one of the major reasons. Root out this mess to make your website go live.

These are the significant steps that help you bring back your website live.