What is the Difference Between the Smartphone and iphone

What is the Difference Between the Smartphone and iphone?

People always want to know about the difference between a smartphone and iPhone because both of them are the handheld device that comes with a touchscreen interface as well as have the capability to perform the functions like a computer so it will become difficult for people to differentiate between them. The amazing innovations and features in both smartphone and iPhone make people confused to choose ones best among them.

What is a smartphone?

The smartphones are considered as the new breed of mobile phones that comes with lots of amazing features. Smartphones come with an OS, web browsing capabilities as well as perform the functionalities of a regular computer that provide lots of benefits to people. In addition to this, the smartphones offer a one-stop solution to the people for calling, messaging, data sharing, Wi-Fi and many more functions that make people’s life easy and comfortable.

What is iPhone

What is iPhone?

The iPhone is a well known and widely used smartphone in all over the world. The iPhone has the features just like any other smartphone but a slightly different operating system and working that make people attracted toward it. If you want to know what is the difference between an iphone and a smartphone then this homepage can help you to know about the difference between the smartphone and iPhone.

Basic of iPhone and Smartphone

Smartphone has lots of amazing features and capabilities and has an operating system with lots of downloadable application that you can get in a computer. In short, a smartphone generally works like a mini computer. The iphone also worked as the smartphone and have features like music player, digital camera and also combine the features of a computer and mobile phone. The look and technology of the iPhone changed the smartphone and allow more convenience to people.

The iPhone does not crash as smartphones

The iPhone does not crash as smartphones

People who have iPhone do not face app crash issues but it is quite a common issue in the smartphones. It can be an important feature for people to feel the difference between the smartphone and iPhone.

Operating system

Smartphones works on the operating systems that will manage the various programs of the phone just like window is the main operating system for the computers. At present, there are lots of operating systems are used in the smartphones that can include the Window Phone, Android, Symbian, Oxygen OS and many more. Google’s Android is also one of the widely used operating systems for smartphone users. On the other hand, iPhone uses its own iOS mobile operating system that is generally knowns as the iPhone OS.

Apps for iPhone and smartphone

The iPhons are very restrictive to download the apps from other operating systems while in smartphone people do not have any issues like that. So, it is generally difficult in iPhone to download each and every app from any other store and the smartphone allow you to download any of your favorite apps from any platform you want.

So, there are no major difference between the iPhone and smartphone but they differ in their prices. With the help of these above-mentioned points, you can easily get to know what is the difference between an iPhone and a smartphone and it helps you to make the right decision. Whenever you are thinking to buy a phone, it is essential for you to read out the differences between the smartphone and iPhone so that you can choose to buy one best among them this is suitable for you. if you do not want to regret your decision then it is beneficial for you to make proper research before making any decision.