What is Security Guard Meaning

What is Security Guard Meaning?

As the days are passing, security is becoming a significant concern. The population of the world is increasing, and the crime rates all over the world are increasing too. Because due to poverty and greed, people are being forced to do things that harm others.

While the law enforcement agencies are trying to lessen the crime rates, private institutions are coming up with immediate solutions to keep people safe from harm’s way. Crimes are happening daily in every corner of the earth. Not everyone can afford to keep themselves safe from it.

But it’s good to know that there are options with which you can try the best to keep yourselves safe. If you enter a residential building, you will find a person who’s wearing a uniform sitting at the gate and keeping an eye on everyone who’s passing.

That person is called a security guard. Not just residential buildings, commercial spaces, schools, educational institutions, govt. Offices, private corporations, banks, etc. every single place where people are, it is protected by a person whose designation is the security guard.

So, what does a security guard do?

So, what does a security guard do

A security guard means a person who is appointed to safe-keep the place. If he’s working in a bank, he is in charge of keeping the bank safe. He has to make sure that no one gets harmed by anyone.
A security guard does a lot of things.

Providing protection

The most necessary task a security guard is trusted with is providing protection. He has to keep an eye out at all times so that nothing happens to the people he’s responsible for protecting.

If any random person comes into his workplace and starts assaulting someone who is from his workplace, he has to protect him no matter what. It doesn’t matter whether the person who’s being assaulted is wrong or not; the job description says he has to protect anyone who belongs to his workplace.


A security guard has the jurisdiction to ask questions and to see credentials if he is suspicious of someone. For instance, if a person is trying to get into a building and the security guard doesn’t know the person, he is bound to ask questions and ask for credentials.

Also, if the person is unable to satisfy the guard’s suspicion, he has the right to not let the stranger in until anyone comes and vouches for him.

Security agencies

Now, to provide security, security agencies are there who appoint security guards to different places. Security agencies are sometimes appointed to protect the cash vans of the bank.

During many social gatherings, to avoid any unwanted circumstances, security agencies are called and asked to protect everyone.

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As long as the crimes will keep on happening, people would need security guards to keep them safe. Though in safe societies, some might not understand the necessity of a security guard, let alone an agency. But there’s the reason why that society is secured a no crimes happen.

That’s because there is strict security all around. Criminals are afraid to conduct any criminal activity in places where they see that a security guard is sitting or standing with his non-lethal or lethal weapon. Robbers don’t attack cash vans because security guards are waiting just for them to come with loaded guns.

So, security guards are a necessary part of society. Whether we accept that or not, we need them to be around us to keep us safe.