What is a Car Detailing Service

What is a Car Detailing Service?

Some people get their cars cleaned and call it detailing. What they don’t know is that detailing is car cleaning are two different things. Car cleaning is just one part of the whole car detailing work.

Car detailing means taking your car through the process of making it look all new. When you wash your car, it looks clean, but when you detail your car, it looks good as new.

Car detailing service is a complicated work and has a lot of steps in it. Let’s get to know it a little better.

Car detailing service

Car detailing service

Car detailing service can consist of three major parts. We will explain each thoroughly.

Step 1: Car cleaning (Exterior)

Car wash or car cleaning only refers to washing the exterior of a car. When you was your car from the outside, you have to clean a lot of things as once to complete the first step of detailing.

Car body: the first part of exterior car cleaning is washing the body of the car. Removing all the dirt and giving your car body a nice bubble bath is car cleaning exterior all about.

Polishing: Polishing your car body is another part of the whole exterior cleaning process. Polishing only shines the body of your car. Most people either perform polishing or waxing.

Step 2: Car cleaning (Interior)

Interior cleaning is a bit tricky. It has many steps.

Vacuuming: interior cleaning start with vacuuming the interior of the car and removing all the dust and dirt.

Brushing: After vacuuming the dust, the brushing process start. The interior of the car cannot be cleaned with water. So, you can call the interior cleaning of a car-dry cleaning.

Glass cleaning: Cleaning the windows and the windshields from the inside. Most cases people forget about cleaning the glasses from the inside. It’s a common mistake. But when someone will be detailing the car for you, make sure they clean the windshield and the windows thoroughly from the inside.

Seat cleaning: The car seat covers are the only part that can be cleaning using water, but you don’t clean them while they are on the car. You remove them and clean them separately. For leather seats, you may use scrubs and soaps.

Step 3: Advance detailing

This is where the difference lies between cleaning and detailing.

Paint correction: paint at some places might get distorted due to weather, or the car can have scratches. Paint correction process refers to correcting the distorted paint and covering up the scratches to make the car look entirely like a new car.

Bodywork: The car body might have some cracks and might be broken in some places. Restoring the body parts to become just like before is a detailing work.

Ceramic Coating: to protect the car paint from deteriorating, after body work, paint correction, and polishing is done, an extra coating of ceramic is given. This ceramic coating not only protects the car paint, but also makes the car look even better than it looks after just getting a polish.

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Car Detailing Service


I think no you understand the difference between car detailing and car cleaning. Cleaning is something we can do every single day. Most people prefer a complete cleaning of their car, including polishing once every month. But nobody does their car detailing so frequently.

Probably people opt for car detailing once in every six months or once in a year. But car detailing is much more useful than car cleaning.