Tips For First-Time DIY Deck Builders

Tips For First-Time DIY Deck Builders

There are many DIY deck building tips available online, but what do you need to know if you’re a first-time builder? This article covers topics such as Building codes and materials, Common mistakes, and Steps to building a deck. We’ll also discuss what safety equipment you should wear and ask for help if you’re not sure of a particular task. Also, remember to wear safety gloves and bring a first aid kit with you.

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes

There are many common mistakes first-time DIY deck builders often make. Below are some of the most common mistakes first-timers make. The first mistake you’ll want to avoid is digging the footing hole too small. Using the wrong size of timber can cause your deck to sink. Be sure to thoroughly remove loose dirt from the hole and dig it straight down. Also, make sure to use structurally rated timber.

Steps to building a deck

Before building a deck, you should first obtain a building permit. Many homeowners do not realize that a permit is required for building a deck. Additionally, building codes require the footing of the structure to be an inch off the ground. These codes are designed to protect the public. When you are building a deck, you should obtain a permit in order to avoid making common DIY deck mistakes. In order to avoid making these mistakes, you should follow these steps:

Materials to use

Whether you are a DIY novice or have a lot of experience, you may be wondering which materials to use for your deck. After all, you want to build the perfect deck for your home and backyard, right? Well, the key is to be prepared and plan carefully, but you can also consult a professional deck builder Boca Raton. Listed below are the materials you should purchase for your DIY project. First, start by reading the materials label.

Building codes

When building a deck, it’s important to understand the regulations. In most states, residential decks must have guardrails. These must be at least 3 feet high and two and a half feet off the ground. The IRC doesn’t specify what materials to use, or how to configure them, but does list the minimum height, maximum spacing, and structural capacity of the elements of the guardrail system.


Before you start building a deck, you must obtain a permit from your local building department. Some permit offices will even require that you hand-draw a property survey. Obtaining a permit will ensure that your deck is safe and that it meets the zoning and fire codes. Some neighborhoods will require you to leave sufficient space between properties so that inspectors can walk the entire construction site.