How to Make a Button Maker

How to Make a Button Maker

When you make buttons, it is important to choose the right materials. For flower boutonnieres, you should use buttons that are in good condition. Make sure they are durable – older buttons may not be suitable. You can choose to have the same color on all the boutonnieres or an odd number of buttons. If you want to make a flower boutonniere with a different color for each petal, you may need to purchase new buttons.

Ink jet inkjet printers


Ink jet printers can produce high-quality images, and the quality of print will make all the difference in the finished product. Buttons created by ink jet printers will need to dry fully to ensure the quality of the design. Buttons printed using a laser printer may not crimp properly because the toner contains wax. Here’s how to fix this issue.

Inkjet printers are relatively inexpensive upfront and have excellent resolution. However, you have to be careful about the kind of paper you choose, as some printers won’t allow you to print buttons with them. Use “Graphics” or “Presentation” paper, as these won’t spread the ink as much. Photo paper is not recommended for button makers, as it won’t give the same results. In addition, inkjet printers are slower than laser printers. And if you plan to do a lot of button making, time is money, so use a fast printer that will print buttons in a short amount of time.

Circle punch

A button maker is an inexpensive tool that makes it easy to make a variety of different buttons. While traditional button makers require the user to manually insert and remove parts, the button maker makes the process easy. The machine can produce two buttons or thousands of them. The paper inlay is a crucial part of a button, and requires the proper equipment to create the perfect design. A button maker is an excellent investment for those who love to create handmade items.

When buying a circle punch, it is important to choose one that is compatible with the size of the paper that you plan to cut. The most common type is a Merc or Tecre Graphic Punch. If you are going to use a different type of button maker, consider purchasing a graphic punch. This tool has numerous benefits, including a self-sharpening blade and a clean, smooth circle with a clear visual field. You can use it to cut up to five strips at a time.

Tecre button maker

A Tecre button maker makes pin buttons, magnets, bottle openers, key chains, and more. This machine makes different items depending on the parts loaded into the press. One of the most versatile models is the 2.25″ model. Other options include making prongback buttons, bottle openers, and key chains. It can also make custom-sized button shapes. For more information on this button maker, please visit the company’s website.


This solid metal button maker comes with a lifetime warranty. There’s also a Toronto service center for warranty and repair. Tecre Co. Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality button assembly machines and die cutting presses for the craft and button industries. If you’re looking to start a button business, you’ll be happy to know that this machine is recommended by The Button Guy himself. It is the perfect machine for beginners and is designed to fit a wide range of requirements.