How to Polish Stainless Steel Watches

How to Polish Stainless Steel Watches?

What to do when your Stainless watch is looking scratched? You can make your watch looks new again within a few minutes by practicing all these strategies. Make sure you get the right tools to remove the scratches and follow the process of polished stainless steel by an abrasive compound.

  • Start with preparing your polishing engine; place your muslin buffs on the axles with the engine running.
  • If the watchband is truly grimy, it assists with tidying it up before polishing either cleaning between connections or eliminates the band and use an ultrasonic machine. The soil in the band can spread and “dissolve” as you polish leaving you with to a greater extent a wreck.

Set the engine speed to medium

Set the engine speed to medium
  • Apply your dark star compound to the buff, with a delicate touch apply a limited quantity in the first place you don’t need an abundance compound on your buff. You can generally add more when required during the polishing cycle.
  • This progression focuses on the profound scratches and the splendid polished areas as the brushed area will have a matte finish set back on eventually.
  • With medium weight, begin squeezing your watch into the buff. Keep the polishing wheel moving a similar way down the watch band to keep the polish uniform. To forestall inordinate wear or distortion, keep the watch moving constantly and never polish holding in one spot for extensive periods. It is unusual to discover a level area of any watch so if you do have a surface that is level and sharp on the edges, you would polish those using a hard felt wheel.
  • For watch case backs, you can daintily polish them with a rouge fabric but you won’t have the option to get the more profound fixes without eliminating around 1/8″ or a greater amount of the metal and eliminating the engraved material. The solitary genuine approach to dispose of profound scratches is to laser weld to fill them and this repair is exorbitant.
  • After each progression of polishing, we advise that you clean the watch to eliminate the compound build-up. If you don’t wipe it off it will taint your next polishing haggle it more roughly than proposed. You end up with a wheel that has both your polishing compound for a mirror finish and your grating cutting compound, and the last polish won’t be as viable.
  • Use a cleaning arrangement with a brush to scour the band between the connections and around the case. Dry with a build-up free material before moving to the subsequent stage.
  • Rehash stage 1 and 2 with the Fabulustre polishing compound on another polishing wheel to get a last brilliant polish for your watch.
  • After you’re done with the Fabulustre compound the watch will be truly filthy with a development of mixes, particularly between the connections. Scour with the cleaning arrangement truly well and dry with a build-up free fabric before moving to the matte finish emphasizes. For more information about police stainless steel watches, you can go to