How To Use A Spark Plug Gap Tool

How To Use A Spark Plug Gap Tool?

You must be aware of all the things regarding your vehicle. One of the things that can cause an impact on using the vehicle is the spark plug. When the spark plug is not working properly, then you might have to make necessary changes in it.

Sometimes you have to do the repairs on your own to ensure that the vehicle is working properly. That is why you have to understand how you can use the spark plug gap tool to ensure that you can fix any type of tissue.

You have to understand all the factors about it so that you can fix the problem and use your vehicle without any type of issues. So here are some of the things that you should be aware of to fix the problem with the spark tool.

What Do You Need?

What Do You Need

You must learn how to properly set up the spark plug gap tool for the vehicle ignition system. Here are some of the things that you will need for this, as it will help you to complete a specific type of work. So, make sure that you gather all these things before starting the work to complete it without any glitches.

  • Spark Plugs
  • Spark Plug Gap Measuring tool
  • Spark Plug Adjustment tool

Began By Measuring The Gap

The first step is to determine the size of the gap, which is required for your vehicle.  After that, you have to measure the gap on the new spark plugs by using the help of a spark plug gap measuring tool.  You can see that this gap might be about .002″ larger than what you might require.

Now Adjust The Gap

If you want to adjust the gap, then you have to use the spark plug gap tool. The tool uses force to decrease or increase the size of the gap.  When you make a slight adjustment in the gap, you just have to apply very little force. 

In such cases, you have to gently pull the lever in the opposite direction of the spark plugs electrode. You need to be vigilant and avoid contacting the ceramic or metalcore, which is at the center of the plug as it can cause damage to the ceramic.  If there is a break in the ceramic, you will need to throw the plug away and buy a new one.

Measure The Gap Again

Once you complete all the adjustments, then it is the time for re-measuring the gap.  If the new gap is around.054″, then it is a success.  If you don’t achieve the proper gap on your first try, then you can simply repeat the process until the expected result is achieved. You can easily use the help of this guide to using the tools for the spark plug properly.

Why Should You Buy A Spark Plug Gap Tool?

Why Should You Buy A Spark Plug Gap Tool

One of the things that determine the firing performance is the size of the gap of a spark plug. The gapping tool can help you manually open the gap to the precise factory measurement, which is recommended in the owner’s manual. So, in this manner, you can boost the efficiency of the spark plug by putting out a big spark to ignite the air and fuel combination in the engine.

So, these are some of the information that you should have about the spark plug gap tool,which can help you get the best results. Considering all the factors will help you to get the right results. Make sure that you first have all the knowledge about these things to avoid any type of problem with the work and ensure a perfect outcome.