Your Ultimate Guide to Herbal Tea

Your Ultimate Guide to Herbal Tea

Tea is the go-to hot beverage of choice for many people for its potential health benefits. It is not only tasty, but can help with everything from energy to sleeplessness.

Herbal teas are an infusion of plant material that does not contain real tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). Herbs may include dried flowers or whole herbs like chamomile, lemon balm or peppermint.

How to Make Herbal Tea

How to Make Herbal Tea

The benefits of herbal tea are endless and can be used to improve digestion, stimulate brain function, soothe pain and soreness, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and more. The best part about herbal tea is that you can make it yourself with ingredients that are often already in your pantry, on hand or growing in your backyard!

Herbal teas, also called tisanes, are made from a combination of dried herbs, flowers, leaves and fruits. They are a delicious and refreshing alternative to caffeinated beverages. Making your own herbal tea blends is easy and fun! It can be even more rewarding when you’re able to create an alvita tea recipe that targets a specific health goal or just tastes good. This article will help you get started with the basics of herbal tea blending. We’ll cover tips and tricks for creating tasty combinations, as well as recipes to help you find the perfect herbal blend!

Which Herbs to Use

If you’re a fan of caffeine-free herbal tea then you’ll know that it is more than just a drink – it can have many therapeutic benefits. Often called tisanes or infusions, they are made from flowers, leaves, seeds and fruit and have been used as natural home remedies for hundreds, even thousands of years.

When making your own herbal tea blends, start with a base ingredient (usually dried). This will have the mellow flavour that will pair well with complementary and accent herbs.

For example, chamomile can be combined with peppermint and hibiscus to create a tea that soothes the stomach. It also enhances cognitive function and improves memory. It is a great tea to drink at bedtime and helps promote relaxation. It’s a perfect blend to help ease depression and reduce anxiety. Try our Triple Berry tea which is full of strawberry, blueberry and myrtle leaves. It has a refreshing taste and is fantastic as an iced tea.

How to Infuse Your Herbs

How to Infuse Your Herbs

Infused oil is a quick, easy and very effective way of harnessing the herbal powers that herbs can provide. The oil and herb are infused together in a warm environment so that the beneficial properties of the plant are extracted into the oils. The resulting oils can be used as a healing massage or in herbal remedies and skincare preparations.

To make an infused oil simply place the desired herb(s) into a jar and cover with your chosen oil. Leave the oil to macerate for 2-3 hours and strain out the herb using a sieve or cheesecloth into another clean, dry jar for storage.

If you are concerned about the UV rays of sunlight degrading your oil then it is best to make your infused oil in a dark glass jar with a lid. This is also useful when making herbal teas that are a bit stronger as it helps to retain the heat of the herbal infusion longer.


Calming chamomile, invigorating peppermint and lull-you-to-sleep lavender are just a few of the amazing herbal tea blends you can enjoy. The best thing is, you can grow your own herbs and make them all year round.

Technically, “tea” is any beverage made by soaking leaves, flowers, seeds, roots or bark in hot water to extract the beneficial properties of the plant. Herbal teas, also known as tisanes, are infusions made from anything other than the Camellia sinensis plant and have been enjoyed for thousands of years around the world.


Our herbal tea guide focuses on the basics of herb and tea gardening so you can make your own herbal infusions to fit your needs. For example, our stress relief herbal tea is a combination of chamomile flowers and apple pieces that help to reduce daily stress and improve balance in the body. It is the perfect tea to sip throughout the day or before bedtime to help promote relaxation and sleep.