What Makes a Good NCOER Bullet

What Makes a Good NCOER Bullet?

A good bullet conveys a clear picture to a selection board. It should be consistent throughout the NCO-ER. A specific bullet can only be used once, but it should portray specific actions or responsibilities of an NCO. The bullet should be crafted to showcase the NCO’s personality and specific actions. It should be consistent in both form and content. It should convey a clear image of the NCO.



The first part of completing a NCOER is deciding on the category in which the bullet should fall. There are several categories, including character, presence, intellect, leads, develops, achieves, EO, SHARP, additional duties, platoon sergeant, and more. Bullets should be short and no longer than two lines. When writing NCOER Bullets for Character, it is important to use action words and possessive pronouns. Also, if addressing performance, use the past tense. Bullets should be double spaced between each line. Lastly, bullets must be preceded by a small “o” and must support box checks by rating officials.


In the Army, intelligence is considered a key skill. This skill allows soldiers to think critically and act on what they know. It also helps them make better decisions and avoid mistakes. Intellect, along with presence, character, and education, make good NCOER bullets. These qualities should be considered in platoon sergeant evaluations. If you want to earn an NCOER, you need to have the right mindset and the right tools to succeed.

Physical fitness

Being physically fit is a necessary part of being an NCO. It’s also important to be spiritually fit. It’s important to build inner strength in order to be a productive Soldier. Chaplains are a great resource for strengthening spiritual muscles. A good NCOer will be able to communicate his or her thoughts and feelings to the unit and to other soldiers. Physical fitness is important to make an NCO, but it’s not the only factor.

Spiritual fitness

Being an effective Soldier requires both physical and spiritual fitness. Spiritual fitness involves building inner strength. For this reason, many soldiers find it helpful to work with a chaplain, who helps them strengthen their spiritual muscles. This is an essential part of being an effective NCOer. Spiritual fitness is a skill that soldiers develop over the course of their career. This skill is one of the most important aspects of military service, and is important in making a strong, contributing Soldier.


The Army has a system called NCOER to evaluate enlisted personnel. The objective of this form is to determine the quality of a soldier’s performance. It is a comprehensive, formal record of a soldier’s performance. It is used to assess a soldier’s performance and determine his or her rating for promotion. The following are some of the main elements of a good NCOER bullet.