What is the 5:2 diet

Know About 5:2 Diet: Can You Follow It?

Have you ever heard about 5:2 diet? If not, then you need to find about it now. It is also known as intermittent fasting diet or fast diet which was made popular by Michael Mosley. It is known as the 5:2 diet due to its schedule in a week. Five days in the week would be your normal eating days while the other two days, you will be restricted to 500 to 600 calories per day. This diet is quite normal and you won’t need any particular type of foods in this case. You can eat normal food on the five days but make sure that doesn’t contain junk food in it.

What Are The Benefits Of 5:2 Diet?

What Are The Benefits Of 5:2 Diet

Impressive health advantages are noticed by the people who follow the 5:2 diet. What is the 5:2 diet? Now you must have got an idea of this diet but you need to know more about its benefits. It will be easier for you to follow this diet plan if you will know about its advantages.

• Reduce Seasonal Allergies And Asthma

The people who are suffering from asthma and seasonal allergies can be able to get rid of them by following this special diet. There isn’t much difficulty in understanding this diet. You just need to make sure that you opt for low calories on two weekdays. Never eat junk food and high-calorie foods even on regular days.

• Improves Digestion

Improves Digestion

The people who are facing problems with digestion need to make sure that they focus on improving their digestion. You can only improve your digestion if you will try to eat low-calorie meals on the two days of the week. You can also purchase the 5:2 cookbooks with which it can become easier for you to maintain weight.

• Reduces Body Weight

The people who are facing obesity problems need to make sure that they follow this diet strictly. The people who will follow this diet for around four months will notice weight loss. It won’t make you feel weak but you will definitely be able to reduce weight without even working out.

• Improve Blood Lipids

If you want to improve blood lipids, then you can have the 5:2 diet. You can add foods like natural yogurt, vegetables, cauliflower rice, boiled eggs, black coffee, water, and tea. Low blood lipids can be very harmful to you and that’s why you need to keep it well-maintained.

Improve Blood Lipids

So, these are the benefits you will get after choosing the 5:2 diet schedule. Not only you will get the above benefits but there are several other health benefits which you can achieve by following this diet plan. On the two fasting days, you can either start with a small breakfast and then limited calories in lunch and dinner. Some people go for brunch and dinner only. Make sure that the food you eat should contain high amounts of fiber and proteins so that you can feel full even without eating many calories.