What is Hahnemuhle Photo Paper

What is Hahnemuhle Photo Paper?

If you’re wondering what is Hahnemuhle photo paper, here’s what you need to know. This German paper is used for many purposes, from fine art to vegan, from Inkjet to pearl finish. Here’s a little history about Hahnemuhle photo paper. The brand’s history dates back to the mid-17th century and is one of the oldest in the world.

Fine art paper


While Hahnemuhle’s Photo Rag papers are all “white”, they have slightly different tones. The Photo Rag range is naturally white and contains low optical brightening agents. The FineArt range is “bright white” with the exception of Baryta FB and Satin, which are colder whites. The tone of the paper is a personal choice and can either enhance or detract from the mood of your photos, find more about this.

A Hahnemuhle catalog contains cutouts of the paper, allowing you to compare the different qualities of the paper. You can also view individual samples of different types of Hahnemuhle photo papers in A5 and 5 x 11 cm sizes. This makes comparisons easier, as you can see which paper has the best quality. Moreover, you can select a sheet size that fits your needs and preferences.


The Hahnemuhle mill, founded in 1584, has been producing high quality, age-resistant fine art papers for six centuries. Combining tradition, flexibility and innovation, the Hahnemuhle company offers a diverse line of first-class art papers. Its fine art paper line features acid-free, vegetable-based inks, vegan-friendly production methods, and a broad range of sizes, weights, and surfaces.

It’s made from bamboo and contains no lignin, which makes it a great option for warm hues. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that grows 20 to 30 times faster than wood. Bamboo is so resilient that it can be harvested every five years without damaging the plant. Bamboo stumps grow back after harvesting, allowing the business to continue producing high-quality photo paper. Hahnemuhle photo paper is vegan and certified by the Vegan Society.

Inkjet paper

When it comes to fine art photographic paper, there are a few advantages to using Hahnemuhle. These papers are highly resistant to ageing and have the highest life expectancy of several hundred years. Print permanence is also dependent on the type of ink used, but UV-resistant inks can last a hundred years or more. Hahnemuhle has a range of different papers to suit different needs.

Hahnemuhle produces a range of universally-useful inkjet papers. These are an excellent choice for daily printing, as they display high-quality prints at an affordable price. Besides, they feature resin-coated substrate materials and optimised inkjet coating for photo application. If you want to make your own prints, you can try Hahnemuhle Photo.

Inkjet paper with pearl finish

This pure cotton paper features a premium pearl inkjet coating that enhances the archival qualities of your prints. The paper meets the most rigorous standards for age resistance and is compatible with both pigmented and dye-based inkjet systems. Its smooth surface texture produces a high-quality, lustrous finish that will enhance any photo. It is suitable for all types of printing applications, including photo reproduction, digital art, greeting cards, and limited-edition prints.

Hahnemuhle photo rag is the world’s most popular paper. It’s an exceptional all-rounder for professional inkjet printing. This 100% cotton paper boasts an exquisite felt structure that lends your artwork a three-dimensional appearance and impressive pictorial depth. It’s also lignin-free and designed specifically for Fine Art applications. This paper is ideal for capturing the essence of an image, or adding a splash of color for a unique look.

Cotton rag paper

Photo Rag is the most popular type of fine art print paper. Its fine surface and smooth texture make it an ideal choice for printing both color and black and white photographs, as well as art reproductions. Its impressive pictorial depth makes it a perfect choice for high-end fine art printing. If you are thinking about printing your next photo on a fine art paper, look no further. Cotton rag paper is one of the finest types of photo paper on the market.


Photo Rag is a museum-grade professional 100% cotton rag paper with a matte finish and subtle texture. It is also acid-free and archival, and usually weighs 308 grams per square meter. Its grammage is about 19 mils, which makes it thicker than giclee paper. However, the quality of this paper is unmatched, and you can expect to see results that will last for years.