What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers

What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers?

Building an Instagram following takes time and effort. It’s tempting to take shortcuts that can give your account a boost, but it’s not worth the risk of being caught.

Purchasing followers can open your account up to spam, both on Instagram and in email. It can also damage your credibility.



It’s a given that buying fake followers doesn’t make much sense. Fake followers don’t engage with your posts, they don’t talk about you to their friends and family, and they definitely don’t help grow your brand or drive genuine traffic to your account. And since buying Instagram followers is against the platform’s terms of service, Instagram will purge your fake followers as soon as they detect that you bought them.

While you may still find vendors that sell Instagram bots, it’s getting a lot harder to do so these days. That’s because Instagram has started to crack down on companies that violate their terms of service by selling followers. This has led to many of them going out of business or being shuttered by Instagram itself. Fortunately, there are some safe sites where you can purchase real and active Instagram followers that will respect the terms of service. The best sites are those that have been featured in magazines and have a good reputation.


Buying Instagram followers is a common practice for both small businesses and individuals looking to gain an edge on social media. However, it can have some serious consequences for your account and reputation.

The main problem with purchasing followers is that they’re usually bots or inactive accounts. This means they won’t engage with your content and will only skew your engagement metrics. It’s also not very effective at building genuine relationships with your audience.

Spam bots are often used to spread fake or misleading information, damage a person’s or business’s reputation, or even commit ad fraud. They can also be used to bully or harass other users and can be difficult to recognize.

Although you can’t get banned for purchasing followers, it is important to choose a trusted vendor that sells real, active accounts. We recommend checking out these 5 safe sites to buy Instagram followers that respect Instagram’s terms and conditions. Plus, they have great customer support and a 100% money-back guarantee, sneak a peek here.

Loss of Credibility

It can be hard to build an organic social media following, especially on Instagram. That’s why some people and businesses choose to buy followers from vendors that promise quick results for a cheap price. However, most of these accounts are fake and won’t engage with your content. In fact, they’ll likely decrease your engagement rate and hurt your reputation.

Moreover, if you’re purchasing fake followers from a vendor that also sells spammy comments, you’ll be opening yourself up to spam. This may not just affect your Instagram account, but your real followers’ accounts as well.

Instagram doesn’t condone buying followers and reserves the right to ban both users who buy fake followers and those who sell them. That’s because these services violate Instagram’s terms of service. The good news is that Instagram regularly purges fake followers and can catch on quickly. As a result, you may be able to save yourself from getting banned or suspended by following the tips below.

Account Suspension

If you buy Instagram followers and violate the platform’s community guidelines, your account could be suspended. Instagram regularly identifies and purges fake accounts, especially ones that are purchased or using unauthorized third-party apps to artificially grow their audience.

Bought followers won’t do anything to boost your performance metrics. They’re vanity numbers and won’t engage with your content. They also won’t discuss your brand with their friends and family in real life, which is what makes social media marketing so important.


The good news is, you can always submit an appeal to Instagram if your account is suspended for violating their terms of service. You can do this by following the instructions on the suspension notification. This will help you get your account back in working order and avoid any potential fines. Just make sure to stay on top of Instagram’s terms of service, as the company may change their guidelines at any time. If you aren’t careful, your account may be suspended again in the future.