The Importance of a Survival Kit

The Importance of a Survival Kit

Your survival kit should be filled with several essential items that will help you get through a disaster. These items include: a first aid kit, cash, and Sanitation supplies. It’s also a good idea to have flashlights, batteries, and duct tape on hand in case of an emergency.

First aid kit

First aid kit

A first aid kit is a very important survival tool. It contains items that you might need during an emergency, such as band-aids for minor cuts and sprains, medical tape, scissors, a first aid book, and prescription medications. There should also be emergency water and food supplies.


One of the most important items in a survival kit is cash. Without it, you cannot buy supplies from stores or get cash out of an ATM. Having cash will allow you to purchase essential items, such as food, water, and other supplies. It will also allow you to pay for the gasoline necessary to evacuate.

Sanitation supplies

Sanitation supplies are extremely important to have with you if you are facing an emergency. They will help you remain clean, which is important in times of stress and can prevent infection. These items should be stored with your other emergency supplies so that you can use them if needed. You never know how long you will be stranded without water and sanitation, so be prepared.


A flashlight is an essential part of a survival kits, especially for those living in areas where power outages are common. It will help you find resources and navigate to safety. A flashlight is also a good idea if you live in an earthquake-prone area.


In an emergency, a lantern can be an extremely useful item. They provide 360-degree illumination and are excellent for outdoor adventure and power outages.


A survival kit should include a supply of water. Most preparedness experts recommend having one to two gallons of drinking water for each person per day. They also recommend storing one to two gallons of extra water for hygiene purposes.