Best Thing to Carry For Self-Defense

The Best Thing to Carry For Self-Defense

Whether you are a woman or a man, you should have self-defense weapons handy. While the average man may proclaim himself fearless, we still harbor the fear of random attacks, which can be both terror-related and random. Though it isn’t necessary to carry a weapon, it’s always good to be prepared. In the event of an attack, the best thing to carry for self-defense is a knife or stun gun. These protection devices send millions of volts into the attacker’s body, and can effectively stop the attack while you run for help.

Use the Pen as a Weapon

Use the Pen as a Weapon

A pen is a useful tool to carry. Most people carry pens with them. These are useful tools to have on hand in case of an attack. You can hold the pen like an ice pick, for better grip and striking advantage. Using this weapon, you can easily subdue an attacker by striking him in the vital points. You can also use this item as a weapon when you are confronted.

Use Knuckle Duster as a Weapon

A knuckle duster is another self-defence weapon that is useful at close range. Some states have laws about knuckle dusters, which are illegal in some states. All of these items are effective and have their uses. However, to make the most effective self-defence weapon, you should choose one that will deter an attacker from both close range and long range.

Consider a Multi-Tool

If you are in a rural area, you should also consider carrying a multi-tool with you. These include a stun gun, a bright flashlight, and a glass breaker. This tool is usually small and can be carried anywhere, including on your body. When an attacker tries to grab you, use a multi-tool to distract him or her. This will give you time to escape.

Carries Self-Defense Weapons

Women should also carry a self-defense weapon. It can help them feel more confident, especially if they are alone. A knife can be useful in many situations, but it can also be used for other purposes. If you are walking alone at night, you can also use a keychain with a knife. If you have a keyring with a self-defense knife, you will have a weapon that is easy to carry and use.

The best thing to carry for self-defense depends on the situation. You can choose to carry a knife or a stun gun. A tactical pen is a multi-purpose tool that can be used as a writing instrument and a self-defense weapon. They are usually very small and can be kept in your pocket. This type of item can be useful for different kinds of situations. So, it’s important to choose the right knife for your needs.


A pocket knife is an excellent choice for self-defense. A pocket knife has multiple uses and can be concealed easily. Unlike a firearm, a pocket knife is an effective self-defense tool. It doesn’t need to be large. Instead, a small blade is effective for quick injuries. A stab with a handgun will do the trick. In a case where a handgun is not legal, a whistle can help.