sharpen coffee grinder blades

How to Sharpen Coffee Grinder Blades?

Coffee grinders are used for grinding the coffee beans, but there are also many alternative and better uses of coffee grinders.

The machine is really excellent and makes our tough job simpler, within just a couple of moments, we get the grind coffee beans.

Everything with use becomes dull and needs some repair or some cleaning services. Like other items, a coffee grinder with use become dull, and its blades become slow.

You need to sharpen the blades after two to three weeks to remove the stains and oily materials from the blades. It will not sharpen them but also make them clean and dirt free.

If you properly sharpen the coffee grinder blades, it will extend the life and performance of blades better.

Please go through our article on how to sharpen coffee grinder blades to know simple ways.

What are simple ways of sharpening the coffee grinder blades?

What are simple ways of sharpening the coffee grinder blades

We have researched and found two simple ways of sharpening the grinder blades. Read the below methods and sharp your grinder blades with ease.

Sharpening Blades through Rice:

One of the excellent and straightforward ways to sharpen the coffee grinder’s blades is very simple and does not need many efforts.

• Take some rice and pour them into the grinder cup. Now grind the rice for some time. When you grind the rice, keep the coffee grinder at fast speed.
• When you grind the rice in the coffee machine, they will sharpen your grinder blades and remove stains and debris from the blades.
• Once you have ground the rice and make sure that all blades have been sharpened and all debris and stains remove, stop further rice grinding.
• Now take a soft wet cloth and clean the blades; once you have cleaned the blades with a wet cloth, now take a dry and soft cloth clean the blades with dry clothes.

Sharpening Blades with Pellets:

Sharpening Blades with Pellets

The second and more convincing method is sharpening through pellets. It is the most popular and most using method.
When you see no debris or dust and oily stains on the coffee grinder machine, you can use pellets to sharpen the coffee grinder blades.

But we recommend you try the manual sharpening with pellets. It is more beneficial and sharpens the blades more specifically.

Remove the blades by using some simple tools, and by using pellets, sharpen the blades. When you have sharpened the blades, assemble them again with proper care. If you want to know more, please view this video

Final Thoughts:

You have read our article sharpen coffee grinder blades. There are many uses of coffee grinders. We cannot use it just for the grinding of coffee beans, but also there are many alternative uses.

But with time, you need to sharpen the grinder blades after one or two months to keep them in proper shape. Better and timely sharpening will ensure good performance.

We have provided you two simple methods that will help you to sharpen and clean the grinder blades.