Order Your Own Medals

A custom medal is a highly personal gift. It can be anything you want it to be, whether it’s made of sterling silver or copper or encrusted with diamonds and rubies. These are the six things you need to know before purchasing a custom medal for someone special in your life. Most custom medals are made of sterling silver or copper with an oxidized, silvered finish. Because orders are so individual, it is sometimes difficult to match a medal to the recipient’s tastes.

Awards Designed Specifically For You

If you want the world to know that your organization is celebrating an anniversary or some other special event but don’t have time to design something yourself, consider buying a custom award from Awards International. They offer services to individuals in business and institutions who need different types of awards. Many Fortune 500 companies use Awards International’s awards because they make exceptional gifts.

One thing most people remember about their Special Olympics medals – isn’t what they cost. It’s the personal meaning behind them.

Buying Medals in Bulk

When you purchase awards for your company or organization, buying them in bulk is often cheaper. Frequently medals can be purchased at a discounted price by purchasing packages of 25, 50, 100, and sometimes even 150 medals.

Fast medal choice is the final reason why our site carries so many different types of metal bracelets. These are perfect if you have five people that all want one unique series anniversary metal medallion anniversary bracelet each, but you only have one award deadline and not a lot of money to spend.

Medal Pricing

Another important reason you should purchase from a custom customer services store is the prices of our medals, whether they are sterling silver or copper. You can get a high-quality gold-filled algebra medal for about $1–2 less per ounce than similar alternatives in general retail outlets.

Note: This white paper addresses their needs for sales people and marketing agencies mainly because these organizations must take full responsibility for all product-related decisions instead of hiring distributors to handle all their warehousing, etc. The exclusive discount pricing arranged by our company will direct nearly 100% of your sales to us while not costing you a dime in expenses or administration costs.

How to buy medals for the best price?

Because there is so much variety, you want to ensure that the medals arrive safe and on time. You can rest easy knowing that our business takes great care to pack your order securely and ship from the relatively small warehouse near Detroit, Michigan. With an established level of market presence, you can get more bang for your buck by following the advice laid out in this white paper.


Custom Medals are a great way to promote your business and create a memorable experience for customers. If you have an idea for a unique product or service, we can help you turn it into reality. And with our full-service customer service team at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about ordering the wrong medals.