Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo

Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo: Your Dream Home Awaits

Are you looking for your dream home in Mumbai? Look no further than Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo. The project has been designed keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of modern Indian families. From its state-of-the-art amenities to luxurious living spaces, everything about this project is meant to provide you with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. In this post, we will take you on a tour of Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo, from the vision behind the project to the unique features of its floor plans and layout.

We’ll also give you an insight into the internal and external amenities that make this project stand out from others in the neighbourhood. And finally, we’ll help you understand the pricing and unit plans so that you can make an informed decision about booking your dream home.

Overview of Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo

Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo offers premium residences with meticulous design, spread across acres of land for a tranquil living experience. Its strategic location provides easy access to business hubs and the western express highway. The project features indoor games and amenities, reflecting Mahindra Roots’ commitment to a balanced lifestyle. Residents can expect unique floor plans and layout options to suit their preferences.

The Vision Behind Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo

Crafted with a vision of offering a luxurious and comfortable living experience, Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo focuses on modern amenities and a strong sense of community. Emphasizing thoughtful design, the project seeks to seamlessly blend luxury, comfort, and convenience while creating a harmonious living environment. Dedicated to fostering a vibrant residential community, Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo aspires to provide residents with an unparalleled living experience.

Project Description and Features

Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo presents premium residences featuring vitrified tiles and modern amenities. The project offers a variety of BHK premium residences to cater to diverse lifestyle needs. Prospective residents can explore the sample flat to appreciate the thoughtful design and luxury amenities. Additionally, Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo provides details regarding the registration status of listed real estate projects, reflecting the commitment of Mahindra Lifespace Developers. The residential development at Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo embodies the ethos of luxury living in Kandivali East.

Detailed Floor Plans and Layout

Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo presents exclusive features and well-thought-out designs in its floor plans, offering various layout options to suit diverse lifestyles. Residents can explore detailed floor plans emphasizing luxury, comfort, and functionality, maximizing space and natural light. The project’s meticulous layout aims to create a harmonious living environment.

Unique Aspects of the Floor Plans

Experience a seamless blend of luxury and functionality in the floor plans at Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo. Offering a variety of bhk premium residences, each layout is thoughtfully designed to prioritize spacious, well-lit interiors for a comfortable living experience. With diverse options to cater to modern homeowners’ needs, the project’s floor plans emphasize comfort, luxury, and thoughtful design elements, ensuring that residents find their ideal living space.

Understanding the Layout

Residents at Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo enjoy a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, emphasizing comfort and convenience. The layout reflects the developer’s commitment to creating a vibrant residential community with integrated luxury amenities and green spaces, enhancing the overall living experience. The thoughtful design maximizes the sense of community, providing a harmonious environment for residents to thrive.

Amenities at Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo

Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo presents a thoughtfully curated range of internal amenities, focusing on luxury and comfort. Residents can indulge in the external amenities to enjoy a balanced and vibrant lifestyle. The luxury amenities are designed to enhance the daily living experience, catering to various lifestyle preferences and interests, promoting relaxation, recreation, and well-being, without compromising on quality.

Internal Amenities With Luxury in Mind

Indulge in luxury and comfort with the internal amenities at Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo. Designed to enhance the overall living experience, residents can enjoy a range of premium amenities reflecting the developer’s commitment to thoughtful design. The project caters to diverse needs and preferences, creating an atmosphere of elegance, comfort, and relaxation.

External Amenities for a Balanced Lifestyle

Discovering a vibrant living environment is effortless at Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo, with amenities designed to foster a flourishing and dynamic lifestyle. From spaces that promote recreation and socializing to those that enhance communal connectivity, the external amenities here are crafted for a balanced and active way of life. Each aspect is thoughtfully developed to contribute to residents’ overall well-being, creating a harmonious living experience that aligns with their need for a healthy, active, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Pricing and Unit Plans of Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo

The diverse unit plans and pricing options at Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo cater to various budget and lifestyle preferences, reflecting a commitment to offering a seamless and transparent residential experience. Residents can explore the project’s range of unit plans, featuring thoughtful design and premium amenities. Transparent information about pricing, stamp duty, and registration status is provided, ensuring a tailored residential experience. The project’s pricing and unit plans align with the vision of providing a holistic living experience in Kandivali East, Mumbai.

Detailed Pricing Breakdown

The 1BHK units start at Rs. 1.2 crores, while 2BHK units begin at Rs. 1.7 crores, and 3BHK units at Rs. 2.4 crores. The pricing includes amenities like a swimming pool, gym, and clubhouse. Additional charges may apply for parking and maintenance. Home loan options and payment plans might be available through the developer.

Understanding the Unit Plans

Discover the diverse unit plans at Mahindra Vista Kandivali, catering to various lifestyle needs. The 1 BHK unit offers efficient use of space, perfect for singles or couples, while the 2 BHK unit provides flexibility, ideal for small families or those needing a home office. For larger families or avid entertainers, the 3 BHK unit offers ample living space. Each plan includes modern amenities, natural lighting, and breathtaking views, ensuring a harmonious living experience.


In conclusion, Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo offers a dream home that combines luxury, comfort, and convenience. With its well-thought-out floor plans, unique layout, and an array of amenities, this project is designed to elevate your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for internal amenities that provide a touch of luxury or external amenities that promote a balanced lifestyle, Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo has it all.

Furthermore, the pricing and unit plans are transparent and tailored to meet different budgets and preferences. If you are ready to make your dream home a reality, follow the simple steps to book your home and secure your future in the vibrant community of Mahindra Vista Kandivali Condo.