Learn how to change your name in League of Legends game

Learn How To Change Your Name In League Of Legends Game

Do you play the most amazing video game, LoL? If yes, then you must be really impressed with this game. Any person who starts playing this game gets addicted to it in the end because it is really impressive. You can never get bored with this game due to its fantastic levels and various gift items which can make you addicted to it for a long time. If you also love to play this game, then you can decide to make your account at it.

If you are already playing this game, then you must be known with the fact that there are a total of two names in the game. One can be your username with which you need to login to your account and the other one is summoner name. The latter would be seen on the character of your player in this game and you should know that it isn’t possible to change the username but you can definitely change the summoner name. Sometimes, you might create a normal or casual name for your summer but then you want to change it. If you want to change the login name, then Riot games won’t support it but summoner name can be easily changed. If you just want to make little changes in the name regarding capitalization of word or spacing, then you just need to contact the Riot support team. They would help you to do this for free to you.

change your name in LoL

How Can You Change Your Name in Lol in Easy Steps?

press the Account button

When you have opened the game, then you can go to the store by pressing a button on the right corner at the top. When the store will open, you will have to press the Account button. You need to select a summoner name for which you will need to pay 1300 RP or you have to sacrifice our 13,900 blue essences. If you are ready to sacrifice it, then our can definitely change your name otherwise not.

After you will select the summoner name, you will see a window gets popped up where you have to fill your new summoner name. If the name is available and not taken by anyone else, then you can get ahead and buy it. When you will change the name in Loll, your list of friends would stay the same and there won’t be any changes in the account and scores. It can become really interesting for your play the game when you will learn to change your name in LoL easily. The only thing which you need to remember that you will lose a certain amount of blue essence and RP in order to change the name and if you are ready to sacrifice it, then you can definitely go ahead. It won’t be much difficult to do this but if you are a beginner, then it is better that you don’t take this decision until you reach up to the higher levels of this video game.