Is depression a physical illness

Is Depression A Physical Illness

Depression is a serious issue and it can lead to severe emotional stress to any person that will have a big impact on anyone’s life. Due to depression, many people make mistakes at work that might result in losing the job. It has been a big problem for quite some time and you need to make yourself aware of it. One of the biggest factors is to understand and admit if you are struggling with depression.

When you have some changes to the function of your brain then it might have a big effect on the person’s body. There is a lot of impact of depression on the physical health of a person. The depression can also affect your heart and event the immune system that can make you vulnerable to a lot of things. It also increases the risk of physical illness and conditions.

Physical Symptoms Caused Due To Depression

Physical Symptoms Caused Due To Depression

It is crucial that you understand, depression is a serious problem and it is something which is bigger than changes in your mood. There are some people who confuse feeling sad with depression. It is something much more different and you will face a lot of problems.

  • Increased pain and body ache – A person who is facing depression will start to feel pain in their body. Some might start to get aches all over the body and it is important to understand that you are ready to tackle the issues. In two out of three people who have depression face, these issues and you need to avoid taking any kind of medication to deal with the pain.
  • Insomnia, oversleep or lack of sleep – One of the most common problems in most people with depression is that they will have a lack of sleep. Even if you try to sleep you might not be able to sleep. There are also some people with depression who always feel tired and sleep a lot. Such things are essential to understand so that you can understand when you need help.
  • Lower interest in sex – The people with depression tends to lose their sexual drive and that can result in a lot of problems. You need to understand these physical changes in your body. Some people might feel frustrated but you need to give yourself some space. It is essential to understand the cause behind the physical changes in your body.

What is The Effect Of Depression on Physical Fitness?

What is The Effect Of Depression on Physical Fitness

When you read about depression on then you will get detailed information about its effect on your physical fitness. The people with depression have more risk of getting diseases and several other conditions due to the increase in the stress hormones. If you are not mentally fit then it can affect your immune system which does not fight with the infections in your body. There is some vaccination that might not be effective for adults with depression. The depression is also linked with some heart diseases and some people might also move towards substance abuse to get relief from body pain during the depression.