Hypnosis for Self Improvement

Hypnosis for Self Improvement

Too many people think of stage hypnotists when they think of hypnosis instead of the real thing. Real hypnosis has little, if not nothing, to do with stage hypnosis. Real hypnosis can be extremely useful for self improvement. It’s not all about making you cluck like a chicken!

I first got interested in hypnosis almost two years ago when I came across a book about self hypnosis. This book allowed me to simply read the “hypnosis scripts” that it contained which put me in a state of hypnosis. I would then read a self improvement script of my choice. I found this to work very well but as I went forward I found even better techniques.

It’s somewhat hard to really go into a deep state of hypnosis while reading I found. It’s easier if someone is reading to you. Luckily I’ve been able to find online many sites which allow you to download mp3 versions of hypnosis scripts being read for more.

Self Improvement

There are so many different ways that hypnosis can help you. Almost any problem you have from an inability to sleep to a nicotine addiction can be addressed with hypnosis therapy.

Stop Smoking – There are numerous hypnosis programs available to help stop smoking. Hypnosis can work at a subconcious level to stop the cravings for smoking more cigarettes.

Weight Loss – Similarly to how hypnosis can work subconciously to stop the craving for cigarettes it can also work to instill a subconscious desire to exercise and to eat more healthily. It takes a very long time to make these sort of changes in a normal consciousness but in the subconscious mode you can make extreme changes to the way your mind operates quite quickly. Similarily to the stop smoking market there are many hypnosis products available to help with weight loss.

Attract Women – Yes there are even hypnosis programs to help improve one’s dating life. Hypnosis can be used to make you more confident and more outgoing. These qualities can help not only in dating but in all aspects of life.

Sleeping Difficulties – One of the main ways that hypnosis is useful is in helping one fall asleep naturally without the aid of harmful sleeping pills. I have a very hard time getting to sleep sometimes so this is perhaps the most useful aspect of hypnosis for me.

So please do not think of hypnotism as only a stage trick or some sort of new age baloney it is very real and it is very useful. I highly recommend making hypnosis a part of your life.