How to Turn your Old Router into a Wifi Repeater

How to Turn your Old Router into a Wifi Repeater?

One of the most annoying things about using a Wi-Fi router in your house that it has a certain limit. It means that if you have a TV in a separate room, and the router is located at a distance then it might lose connectivity.

It can cause problems with entertainment and other factors that value using the internet. For instance, if you’re working and you lose connection, again and again, it can cause problems. Such things can cause a lot of trouble and you can face a lot of problems why using the router.

If you’re planning to look for methods that can help in increasing the network range in your house then you can usually try some simple tricks. It will help you to get a better range by using your current route equipment at house.

This way, you can easily enhance your networking and ensure that you can get a convenient outcome. So you won’t have to worry about any issues and get a fast wireless connection at your house without the machine too much with the system.

Create a New Access Point Name (APN)

Create a New Access Point Name (APN)

You have to start by using your old Wi-Fi router and then you can simply create it like an access point. When your house is wide with Ethernet, then you can easily give it wireless connectivity without any problems.

For that, you have to use your old router and unconnected with the new one. You can easily set up the device so you can utilize it without any worries.

Now you can easily use the older settings and make it the best access point mode. It can also be called a bridge mode by utilizing it differently. You can create it using the internal IP address of the router and then transmitted it to the running network.

Consider utilizing the router’s wireless repeater mode

The second method is to use it like a repeater mode, which you can use the router through the settings and change it like a repeater or extender. In this, you have to use the router’s manual and you can indicate the more that you want to utilize it.

You can easily set it up in such a way that it can connect the wireless connections from the device. It can ensure that there are no problems with connectivity.

Make your router into an extender

Make your router into an extender

For some people who don’t know whether the router is extended or not. They should consider them building it into one. You can easily utilize the user interface available in the router and then use it as the extender.

Instead of throwing away your old router, you can utilize it in such a way that it will help in providing the maximum results. You can use specific apps, which will help you to unlock the features. You must choose the right from where and the correct version to get the best results. These are some of the things which will be helpful to understand how you can turn your old router into a Wi-Fi repeater. You can get more details at are various things that might be different so you have to understand this factor and use the right version.