How to Tag Someone in a Youtube Comment

How to Tag Someone in a Youtube Comment?

Do you want to get the attention of others on YouTube and then try the tagging option? It will provide you the opportunity to tag a person on YouTube in the comment section. But in the YouTube comments tagging someone is only possible by replying someone to his comment.

But your reply will show the same effect as a tag, But the problem with it is that you can do so until someone does not comment. Once someone comments, you can reply to someone’s comment on a YouTube video.

How Can We Tag or Reply Someone on YouTube?

How Can We Tag or Reply Someone on YouTube

Tagging someone in the comment section of YouTube is quite simple, but it depends on the use of the device.

Most of us use mobile phones to watch videos on YouTube and comment on Videos, but people also use computers to watch videos from YouTube.

So we will provide you a way to tagging or replying someone in YouTube comments for both devices.

How to reply or Tag someone in YouTube Comments using Mobile phones?

How to reply or Tag someone in YouTube Comments using Mobile phones

The process of replying to someone’s comments is the same on all of the mobile devices, no matter you are using a modern Android phone, tabs, or iPhone, etc.

Follow this simple process to reply to someone in YouTube comments.

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone and start navigating the video.
  • Now check the bottom of the video; there, you will see the comment option.
  • Click on the comment section and check the comments of the people.
  • If you want to reply to someone on YouTube with a better tag, go to the YouTube tag generator website and generate a tag according to comment and video.
  • Once you have generated the tag, copy it and click on the reply option of that comment.
  • Box for your reply opens, post that tag and push the reply icon again.
  • Your comment will post.

How to reply or Tag someone in YouTube Comment using PC?

There is not much difference between the process of replying in YouTube comments on mobiles or PC, but little difference can make you confuse.

Follow these simple steps to reply or tag someone in YouTube comments on a video on your PC.

  • There is no app for YouTube on PC; simply search YouTube in the browser.
  • When YouTube opens, search video that you want to watch in the YouTube search bar.
  • Check the list of videos and select your video.
  • At the bottom of the video, you will see comments from other visitors.
  • If you want to reply to someone with a good tag idea, then generate a tag from the YouTube tag generator tool and copy it.
  • Now click on reply and post your tag in the section and push reply again.
  • That’s it.

Important Note:

Now there is no tag option on YouTube in the comments section, except for replying to someone in their comment. It works the same as tagging someone.

Final Thoughts:

Tagging is one of the best ways to get someone’s attention, but now the tagging feature for comments is not available on YouTube. But you can get the attention of anyone by replying to his comment with better tags.