How to Relieve Sunburn Pain

How to Relieve Sunburn Pain

I love summer as much as anyone else and I happen to have a Greek complection that I get a good suntan. I had not been subject to sunburn until a few years ago when I fell asleep on the beach for several hours. I woke up to a horrible redness, you could actually see where my hand print was on my leg, the top of my hand was red, the skin on my thigh was red and there was this blotch of white skin under the hand, it looked ridiculous, and the blessed thing hurt. My husband being the generous person he is thought that it was funny. Gotta love the man, anyway sunburn is a visible reaction of the skin’s exposure to ultraviolet radiation, check here for more info.

I found that there were a number of things that I could do to ease the pain of this sunburn. I soaked in a warm bath with some baking soda mixed in, I used around a half cup of baking soda and just poured it into my bath water, then I took a long hot soak. It helped to ease the pain. I talked to some friends and found that there were a number of other home remedies that could be used:

Relieve Sunburn Pain

Club soda works wonders, just take some and gently apply it to the burned area, the club soda helps to relieve the burning sensation

Cornstarch and water is another method to use, add the cornstarch to water, make a very thin paste and rub it into the area that is burnt.

Cucumbers are another item that is found in many homes, have to love cucumbers, you can cut the cucumber slice and apply it directly to the skin to gently give a fast relief to the pain.

Aloe plants are great, I have always kept aloe plants in the house, break off a piece, cut the leaf sideways so that the juicy part is readily available and rub it into the skin.

You can use evaporated milk mixed with water, take equal amount of each, mix them together and place them in an ice cube tray, the frozen cubes of milk and water work wonders to relieve the pain.

I have also used a tea bag to help ease the pain of the sunburn, I brewed the tea, let it cool then took a cotton swab and dabbed the cotton ball into the tea and applied the tea soaked cotton ball to the area that was sunburned

Epsom salt bath also works fine, just take a warm bath and add some epsom salt to the water and soak. I also found that you can use white wine to relieve the pain of a sunburn, just put some on a wash cloth and dab on the area. It also helps to drink some chilled, I always like a cool glass of wine and will take the opportunity to indulge myself.