How to Optimize GPU for Gaming

How to Optimize GPU for Gaming?

PC gaming is not as simple as console gaming. Rather than play and plug it is more pray and that games run smoothly at all. If there is anything about optimizing your PC in the games speed will suffer or it will affect the FPS. Modern games are quite demanding or it can push the graphic cards to a new limit. It always needs to boost game performance and FPS. There are several new modern games such as GTA 5, witcher 3 that needs graphic intensive, or you need the best in PC hardware to run these games on high FPS.

What to do if you are facing issues in getting a good experience on any PC? How you can increase the GPU and graphic card performance? Here are the best tips that will boost GPU performance for free. Most of the tips are extensively useful for all The Gamers using laptop or PC-

Stop NVIDIA streaming service

Stop NVIDIA streaming service

The Nvidia drivers can affect a little bit of performance that is reported by the credit users. It needs a higher CPU usage by the streaming devices. The service has tried to stream the game by Nvidia. When it comes to Defence the Nvidia, you don’t disable or it gets an additional frame per screen in games.

 When it comes to disabling the Nvidia stream service, you have to open the task manager or need to click on the services tab.
 Now you need to click on Nvidia streamer service and go to the properties.
 Click on the disable or a comeback to the screen. This will help All the Gamers who have an i3 processor or lower the performance benefit will be there for all the high-end processes as well.

Update the graphic card drivers

Update the graphic card drivers

It is witnesses to that always update the graphic card driver or it will benefit at increase the GPU for gaming. It doesn’t matter whether you have Nvidia or AMD graphics card that will keep the driver’s auto-update. Do not forget to update the chipset driver for the Intel processors to make the system more effective. FPS and game performance will be increased by the latest drivers.

As per resources, it is proved that new drivers can impact the gaming rather than use the old drivers.

Use SSD or boost RAM

This will need some money by using a solid-state drive but it might not increase the fps. It will unquestionably reduce the game load time if you are waiting too long. If you have less than 4GB ram, you have to update it to 6to8 GB. The 8GB is not recommended if you are looking for extreme performance.

Improve airflow

For GPU Optimization, you have to improve the airflow that can affect the performance of the processor and graphic. Due to the constant use of the machines in the graphics card and the processor reduces. The dust can block the free airflow and cover the fans as well it can cause heat dissipation. You have to make the required changes and get a machine with at least two fans.