How to Make a Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Board

How to Make a Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Glue up the sides and top of the board. Use a brad nailed to attach the boards together. Make sure that you nail only where the wooden supports are visible. Avoid nailing into the drawers, or you will have a hard time opening the boards. Also, make sure that the nails are spaced at least four to six inches apart.

 Store the Puzzle Pieces

 Store the Puzzle Pieces

The puzzle board is now complete! The next step is to create a drawer for storing the pieces. You can make a simple wooden drawer from tempered MDF. You can also make a sturdier portable board with a pull-out tray in the middle. Then, just add the drawers to the sides of the puzzle board. The drawers should fit into the center.

Makes Your Puzzle Board

If your need to make the board’s drawers. A good way to do this is to cut two tempered MDF pieces at a 45-degree angle. You can use a jigsaw to cut the pine board into a few strips. Once you’ve cut all of the wood strips, you can attach them to the top and bottom of the puzzle board. Now, you’ll have a sturdy and portable jigsaw puzzle board!

Build a DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Once you’ve cut the pine board, you’ll need to cut out center supports. These are 1″ tall and should be attached to the top and bottom of the board. You can now attach the drawers to the center supports using a jigsaw. If you’re making a jigsaw puzzle board, make sure that the top and bottom are the same size. Once you intend to additional resources about puzzle table.

 Cut the Strips and Put in Drawer

The center supports will be one inch tall. You can use a jigsaw to cut these strips. The center supports will attach the top and bottom of the puzzle board. They’ll also make it easy to slide in and out of the drawers. It’s time to make a portable jigsaw and take it with you! After all, it will last for many years.

Great for Portable Jigsaw Puzzles

The wooden frame will hold the puzzles. It’s best to use tempered MDF. You can even add a drawer to the bottom of the board. It will hold all your jigsaw puzzles and make it easier to take it with you. When making a portable jigsaw puzzle, remember to keep your board measurements in mind. Then, you’ll have a portable jack to help you carry the board around.

DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Once you’ve completed the base, it’s time to create the jigsaw puzzle table. The jigsaw puzzle table needs to be constructed of pine and it’s easy to make a DIY jigsaw puzzle table. A simple jigsaw puzzle board can be made from a small pine board and can be made to fit any size of a jigsaw puzzle.


A portable jigsaw puzzle board can be made from cardboard, contact paper, or PVC. The size of the puzzle board should match the size of the table. If you’re short on time, you can use an existing table and glue the board onto it. You can also build your own jigsaw puzzle board from scratch. The puzzle board can be glued on top with a hot glue gun or a small nail.