How to Improve Focus at Work

How to Improve Focus at Work

We tune into cues as our bodies show diminished focus when working. It is not easy to know that our bodies have diminished focus during day after day work. As Marcia in Learn More Now notes that a person’s body operates as a single entity. (Marcia, 59)

Whenever we tend to over work ourselves, we end up losing concentration especially during afternoon hours. Although it is always hard for us to notice that our focuses have diminished. Learn More Now by Marcia L. Conner to some extent can help show us simple methods in order to regain focus for example using the “riding in the elevator” method to break the boredom from our work can help us. To know more about the workforce productivity, read here.

Focus at Work

Marcia L. Conner in Learn More Now notes, “Because of the relationship between your intelligence and intuition your body and brain exercise them all by frequently moving around” (Marcia, 70)

To re-energize and regain focus, we do take smoke breaks with our colleagues. This helps us to move from our desks whenever we sense that our focuses have diminished while working. Also, “breathe in through your nose and out through your toes” (Marcia, 73). This method really works. If we stood up and raised our hands we said to ourselves “breathe” as we do this, we can be able to regain our focus.

The focus groups’ input can be analyzed by office location, which can be critical if the training was not offered at all locations. For instance, comments gathered from focus group discussion may indicate that the training was in another city and transportation was an issue.

Human Resources, in our training example, may be responsible for not only compiling the comments of the focus groups, but may come up with suggestions for improving the system to benefit the employees and the company.

Focusing on what’s important and finding ways to schedule work and play will go a long way to support you stay focused and avoid distractions while working from home. What can you do today, this week and this month to get started?