How to Fix a Can Opener

How to Fix a Can Opener?

Many types of a can opener, such as one-touch can opener, manual can opener, and electric can opener. Manual and electric can opener mostly use in kitchens and at other places.

But with time, like other items can also become faulty, many people replace the faulty can opener with a new one. But what you do when you cannot buy the new one, or you do not want to spend money.

Here I will tell you about two popular can openers, electric and manual can opener, how to fix can opener.

How to fix an electric can opener?

How to fix an electric can opener
  • When your electric can opener becomes faulty, there is a possible problem with its parts; you can get the replacement parts from the manufacturer or other local stores.
  • After getting the replacement parts, now arrange screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, white lubricant, electric contact cleaner, and a multimeter.
  • Now unplug the power cord and then slide off the cutter’s assembly; you may see some minor variations with changing models.
  • Then unscrew the screws and remove them from the backplate. For removing its motor screws, a screwdriver or wrench will need to use after that unscrew the opener’s internal gears.
  • Now service the can opener, take sandpaper, and clean the switch contacts; after that, remove any sanding residuals. Pliers will help you to bend the switch contacts.
  • After servicing the switch, then service the gears of an electric can opener; for that purpose, unplug the power cord and inspect the gears and clean them with sandpaper. After cleaning, apply the white lubricant. Check the gears thoroughly if there is a need to replace the gears, then replace them with a new one.
  • After completion of both parts’ servicing, then reassemble the can opener and use it; hope its problem will remove.

How to fix the manual can opener?

  • The manual can openers are one of the simplest forms of can openers and widely use. These can openers come with simple assembly, and it is also easy to fix the problem in manual can openers.
  • I will tell you a simple trick that is simple and required material easily available in-home; surely you have vegetable oil or canola oil at home.
  • If you have a spray or simple bottle, it is convenient to apply the oil on the dab or directly on the can opener’s gears. Pour the oil continuously on the can opener for ten seconds.
  • Now try to use it, the problem will resolve.
  • But when you are fixing the can opener, do not apply the oil on your hand or the can opener’s handle. If it happens, clean it with a cloth.

Final Thoughts:

Can opener are helpful for us but with time can opener become faulty and need repair and maintenance. We have shared simple ways to fix the popular types of the can opener electric can opener and manual can opener. If you have any other type of can opener, then visit here to find a technique for fixing can opener.