Gas Grills

How to Clean Gas Grills?

Cleaning your gas grill is one of the most important parts of cooking a good meal because it helps you to get healthy and hygiene food. It is important for you to maintain your gas grill after every use and cleaning it in the right manner help you to get a look like new gas grill by making little effort, see more.

How to clean gas grills?

How to Clean Gas Grills

Gather your cleaning supplies

First of all, you need to get gloves and some other cleaning supplies such as cleaning rag, paper towels, soap and water, cleaning brush, a bristle brush or putty knife for effective cleaning of your gas grill.

Turn off the gas

You need to make sure that your gas supply is off before cleaning the gas grill or it is also beneficial to detach the gas tank from the grill.

Remove the grill grates and clean them

Once you turn off the gas supply, you can remove the grill grates so that you can clean them. To clean the grill grates, you need to scrub them by using a grill brush or you can also use other kind of cleaning brush easily to clean grates.

Clean anything that covers the burner

Clean anything that covers the burner

Now, you can remove the V shaped metal heat tent, lava stones and ceramic briquettes that cover the burners and then clean them gently and remove all debris and oil from them.

Clean the burner tubes

By brushing lightly the burner tubes, you can clean them in a better way and make sure that all the gas ports on the burner are clean and open.

Clean the lid and bottom of the grill

You need to wipe or brush the excess oil and debris out of the bottom of the grill and if you see any peeling black stuff there on the bottom or on the lid of the grill then you can clean it by using a bristle brush or putty knife as it allows you to scrape off the black stuff easily.

Make sure to clean grease collection tray

Make sure to clean grease collection tray

Now, you need to clean the grease collection tray by using soap and water and make sure to replace any disposal pan if required.

Dispose of the grease

You do not just wash down the grease from the drain and make sure to pour it into any non recyclable bottle and in an empty can and then throw the grease far away from your area.

Clean the outside of the grill

You should now wipe down the outer area of the grill in an effective manner and also clean the sides of the table effectively by using soap and water.

Put the grill back together

At last, put all the parts of the grill together and now you are ready to prepare your next meal in the grill in an effective manner and it allows you to get more delicious and tasty food.

Maintenance of your gas grill

After cleaning the gas grill, it is essential for your keep it maintained after time to time and brush the grill grates before grilling and oil the grates so that your food does not stick on the grills.