How to Break Smartphone Addiction for Youngsters

How to Break Smartphone Addiction for Youngsters

The use of smartphones does not only help us to stay connected to the world virtually but the addiction to it can have negative impacts on your life. Some of the symptoms of smartphone addiction are frequently checking out notifications, texting while walking or driving and messaging, checking phone before sleeping frequently and at early morning, using a number of apps, you cannot stay without your smartphone a day, while talking to a person checking out phone, having a fear of missing out (FOMO), are few of indications of your smartphone addiction.

Smartphone addiction, which is a fear of being without a mobile phone is known as “nomophobia”, is a repeatedly over usage of Internet or Internet addiction disorder. Above all, it’s randomly the phone or the tablet that makes the urge than the games, apps or virtual world that connect us. But there is no need to panic, by following a few rules or steps at

Smartphone Addiction

• Stop checking the phone frequently. The notifications which are on for your social sites put them off, it may help you to not, again and again, scroll on your phone screen.

• Put your phone off while driving, in a gathering, at the exercise center, at having suppers and now and again when playing with kids. Try not to convey your phone to the washroom.

• Don’t put your phone at the bedside at night before sleeping put off your phone and place them in another room overnight and read a book it will help you to break smartphone addiction to the phone.


• Take the help of medication, reading a book, or having a time with friends and family in person can help you if you are feeling lonely or bored rather than using a phone to virtually connect with people. You can remove your smartphone with these more advantageous exercises.

• Get free of internet based life applications from your phone so you can have asses to your Facebook, Twitter and such from your PC.

• Stop frequently checking out, if you are the person who has the habit of checking the phone like clockwork, habituate yourself off with restricting checks at regular intervals, at that point, once 60 minutes. Take the assistance of applications that can consequently put a breaking point on your entrance to the phone.

• Restrain afraid of passing up a major opportunity, by breaking your smartphone compulsion, you will pass up certain notifications, breaking news or new chat. There is a lot of information available out there on the Internet that you cannot have on top of everything. You have to free yourself and break your dependence on technology.

• Restrain from making any virtual relationships. Usage of social networking, dating apps, texting, and messaging can only make your online friends more important than real-life relationships. It’s not healthy for real-life interactions than online relationships. Frequently usage of dating apps can have a short-term hookup rather than making long-term relationships.

• Make an alarm for bedtime. You can set at 9 p.m. an alarm for your phone to “wind-down”. Which not only help you to tell you what you have done all day and read out a book.

• Have a phone vacation on weekends or for a day. Putting your phone off on a weekend can help you to connect to your surroundings, your social life and you set your priorities at a place once without distraction by taking off of the virtual world. It can seem you challenging that you are trying to get rid of your phone or an adventure that you can accept fully with your presence and by opening heart.

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