How to Attach a Night Vision Monocular to a Scope

How to Attach a Night Vision Monocular to a Scope?

Monocular use in the weapons is common for hunting and birding, but have you listened about night vision monocular to scope? In the past, these night vision monoculars were used in military technology, which was expensive.

But with time, people also start using and purchasing them for their personal purposes. If you plan to hunt or bird at night, you need a night vision monocular to your gun scope.

But it does not mean you can easily attach the night vision to a scope; there is a need to follow proper instructions to get the right results.

What does night vision Monocular mean?

What does night vision Monocular mean

Simply we can say the night vision monocular uses infrared light for increasing vision capability at night. If you do not have night vision monocular, your simple monocular will blurry or less fuzzy images. There are many sizes, varieties, and styles of night vision monoculars available in the market.

How can you attach the night vision monocular to a scope?

You have known about the use of night vision, and I hope you get a clear concept about that; now, I will guide you on how you should attach the night vision monocular to scope in the right way to get the required results.

Step one

If you have a modern scope with your gun, they are pre-drilled and have mounting attachments. But make sure the mounting system that you are using is perfect to fit with the monocular unit.

After that, check the positions such as diameter are right, and the rings’ height is also proper in position. It is essential to check the rings’ size and height because there are many varieties available in the market, trying to get the right ring if you want good results.

Step Two

In the second step, make sure all aspects are clear for mounting the night vision to a scope. If there is some dust or any other residual, then wipe the surface in attaching with dry and clean anti-static material before starting your work.

Now take the rust preventive material or oil and coat it carefully, but also check the base’s alignment, do your job carefully that do not make problem in alignment.

Step three

Use a small drop of semi-permanent thread freezing compound, which will tighten the screws and give you a perfect fit. After that, align the parts, but do that carefully, check all the details and attachments, make sure they are appropriately aligned. If there is a need for any adjustment, then make necessary adjustments.

Step four

Before completing the task, tighten all the screws and double-check them and make sure they properly tighten. Then start exploring, check the results of your night vision, if there need some adjustments, and get an exact result at night.

Final Thoughts: Monocular is best used to scopes by hunters for bunting and birding purposes, but simple monocular do not support in the night. To hit your target in the night, you will need to have night vision monocular to your gun scope. But you also need its proper attachment for good results. If you need more info related to consumer experiences, visit here: