How Is Yellow Rice Different From White Rice

How is Yellow Rice Different From White Rice?

Rice is a staple diet in most parts of the world, and there are several recipes made with rice. In some countries, it is eaten as a side dish while in Asia; it is served as an essential meal. There isn’t only white rice available, but there are two more colors. The brown and yellow rice are also available in the market, but before you buy any of them, you need to learn about the advantages of each of the rice. What is the difference between white and yellow rice? If you don’t know much about yellow rice, then here you can find out about it.

Is yellow rice the same as the white race? Now this question can be answered by saying that these are not similar in color, but the nutritional content is almost the same. The yellow rice is the white rice in which saffron or turmeric is added, and this adds more flavor to the yellow rice. In white rice, the brown husk is removed, which has a lot of nutrients.

What About the Flavor Of Both Kinds of Rice?

What About the Flavor Of Both Kinds of Rice

Rice is quite versatile and it can be flavored according to your taste and choice of ingredients. The feeling of white rice is a little bit nutty with creaminess touch while the yellow rice has been colored with turmeric or saffron, and that’s why it has a fragrant aroma.

Nutritional Content in Yellow and White Rice

Both of the rice can’t be considered as the whole grain, and that means that most of the nutritious part of rice is removed. Both of the rice is rich in carbohydrates and low fat. One can also get a lot of protein by eating white and yellow rice.

Uses of Yellow vs. White Rice

Both kinds of rice take only 20-25 minutes to cook because the brown husk of it is removed already. The grains of rice don’t stick together, even if it is a little fluffy. When the rice is overcooked, it might become mushy. There is a Spanish dish named Paella, and yellow rice is the main component of it. The yellow rice is also used in the Jambalaya dish of Creole. The white rice is useful in making risotto, rice pudding and also to stuff the vegetables. The rice needs to be used within one year after buying it.

Uses of Yellow vs. White Rice

The only difference between both kinds of rice is the flavor as the yellow rice imparts piquant flavor due to the addition of saffron and turmeric, but the difference in the taste isn’t enormous. There are some versions of yellow rice which has a high amount of sodium and that content can be reduced by adding some salt. Yellow rice can be cooked quickly because the husk of rice is already removed before adding color to it. This kind of rice is great for weight loss if some changes in the recipe are made. Some people don’t even use salt in yellow rice dishes because they already contain sodium content. If you are going to purchase the packaged rice, then there is no need to wash it.