How Do I Use My Smart Watch on My Phone

How Do I Use My Smart Watch on My Phone?

If you’ve got an Android phone and want to use your smart watch on your mobile, you can easily sync your Google accounts, contacts, calendar, and texts to it. You can even turn notifications on and off and use the smart watch as a fitness tracker. However, there are some key differences between Android and iOS-compatible smartwatches. Here’s a quick overview of the major differences between Android and iOS smartwatches.

Apps dominate your Smartwatch experience


The experience of a smartwatch is entirely dependent on the apps it contains. Many popular apps work with the devices, including Instagram, IFTTT, and iHeartRadio. Google Play offers a dedicated Wear category, while the App Store offers a Pebble category. Apps can be used to track your workouts, keep up with the weather, and even act as smartwatch notifications. There are also a plethora of fitness and health-related apps to make your smartwatch an even better tool.

Connecting your smartwatch to your phone

To connect your smartwatch to your phone, you’ll need to first switch it on by long-pressing its power button. Once on, you’ll need to select Bluetooth and pair it with your phone. The pairing process will show up on your phone’s screen, and you’ll need to enter the code shown to you by your Smartwatch. Once connected, you’ll be able to pair it with your Android phone, continue to read here.

Setting up your smartwatch

If you’ve bought a smart watch, the first step is to pair it with your phone. Most smartwatches come with a companion app that lets you customize your watch face and choose essential apps. It’s also possible to set a daily goal for how many steps you want to take, calories burned, or distance traveled. If your smartwatch comes with an app, you can download it to your phone and use it to set reminders for your fitness goals.

Activating complications on the watch face

When using an Android smartwatch, you can customize your complications. By long-pressing the watch face, you can select the app you want to activate on the watch face, and then select the desired complication from the list. If you want to customize multiple complications, you can do so as well. You can save and return to a watch face by pressing the Digital Crown. This can be done on both iOS and Android smart watches.


The first step in using the Wear OS app to use your smart watch on your phone is to pair the watch with your phone. You can find the Wear OS app in the app store. Once you have installed the Wear OS app, follow the on-screen instructions to pair your watch with your phone. Pairing can take a few minutes, but once you have everything setup, you can begin using your smart watch right away.