how to take good care of your feet

Here are Some Best Tips to Take Good Care of Your Feet

If you are suffering from diabetes, then you are more likely to suffer from circulation problems, nerve damage, and infections in your feet. If you take healthy precautions, then you can avoid this problem, and this can be done by maintaining a healthy lifestyle always. You should monitor your sugar level every day and have a balanced diet along with regular exercise and medical examination. There are specific ways with which you can prevent the foot problem quickly and make sure that you consider taking help of the doctor in severe case. Here are some tips with which you can take care of your foot:

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  • You should inspect your feet regularly to avoid any infections, cuts, blisters, sores, and bruises. If you find such issues, you should go to your doctor immediately.
  • It is essential that you wash your feet daily in warm water by using mild soap. If you are using harsh soap on your skin, then it can make your skin lose its natural oils. Before putting your feet in warm water, you should check the temperature by dipping your finger in it. It might be difficult for diabetic people to feel the temperature of the water with feet, and that’s why they need to check the temperature with their hands.
  • After washing the feet, you need to ensure that you let them dry properly before wearing shoes. If the moisture is developed in any parts of the foot, then it can cause fungal infections. You should use a towel to pat dry the feet in between the toes.
  • After washing the feet, you should make sure that they don’t get dried and that’s why you need to use the best quality of oil or lotion for it. There is no need to use the lotion in-between your toes.

So, these are the tips to take care of your feet regularly. If you want to learn how to take good care of your feet with a balanced diet, then here is some way which you should follow if you’re going to take care of your feet.

Best Way to Take Care of Your Feet

Best Way to Take Care of Your Feet

Make sure that you never use the antiseptic solutions on your feet until the doctor advises it. It would be better if you consult a doctor before applying any medication on your feet. Don’t use the electric blanket and heating pad on your foot if there are any infections or wounds on it. Make sure that you always protect your feet from extreme temperatures to avoid foot pain. The people who walk barefoot on sand might face the issue of sores, and it can lead to infection. Never try to remove calluses, warts, and corns from your foot on your own but consult the doctor for it. There are some people who use the razor blades and liquids to remove the callus, but you shouldn’t do this ever. The people suffering from foot pain shouldn’t sit in a cross-legged position, and they shouldn’t also stand at one place for a long time. You should always take care of your toenails if you are suffering from diabetes. If you can’t trim your nails easily, you should wash them in warm water and then you can cut them properly to avoid ingrown nails. Always make sure that you don’t cut your toenails extremely short as you can also hurt your skin in that case. When you have to choose socks and shoes, always select the right kind of material for your feet. The people who don’t use the nice quality of footwear options are more likely to develop harmful sores and infections.