Embroidery Organizer

Embroidery Organizer

Embroidery thread is like other threads and unlike them at the same time. The thread is very thick, and doesn’t come on a spool, so it’s not like regular thread. But, like other thread, it has to be kept neat or it can become entangled and useless. The spools of other threads make it fairly easy to keep them neat and tidy, but with embroidery thread, once you remove the wrapper there’s no organization to the thread itself. And, of course, you’re not going to use every bit of each chosen color when you do a project so you’ll definitely have thread leftover. It’s nearly impossible to get it all folded back to the way it was when you purchased it, and then there would be the hassle of trying to get the wrapper taped back in place. Instead of all of that why not just make yourself an embroidery organizer? It will help you keep up with your assorted threads, needles and other supplies so you never end up throwing away tangled embroidery thread again. Plus, the organizer makes it really easy to take your projects along with you.


Purchase a 9″ looseleaf binder to make the organizer. You’ll find these at office supply stores or places which sell school supplies. Office supply stores, though, sell assorted, clear plastic filler pages which can help you get all your embroidery items organized. Purchase a filler page with a large pocket to hold skeins which have yet to be opened. Purchase other fillers which contain a few pockets on each page. These are great for storing remaining thread from finished projects. The clear pages allow you to easily see the colors from which you have to choose. Pages which feature just one large pocket work great for holding instruction papers, patterns and folded fabric, find more info.

In addition to the pocket pages you’ll need a page which can hold all your embroidery needles. A piece of stiff felt works great for that. Cut a piece of felt to fit perfectly inside the binder. Use a hole punch to make three holes down one side of the felt to coordinate with the rings of the binders.

After placing the felt page in the book you can then use it to hold the assortment of needles. The new embroidery organizer is small enough to carry around with you while you travel or just handy enough to keep your things organized until you’re ready to do some needlework at home.