Easy Steps to Install GBWhatsapp on Your Android

Easy Steps to Install GBWhatsapp on Your Android!

Today, Whatsapp is a famous messaging app which is used by lots of people in the world. The people of all generations are using Whatsapp to chat with their friends, family. They also enjoy video calling their loved ones. Sending videos, audios, pictures and other files have also become easy on this app. Communication has become quite simple after the arrival of Whatsapp. It uses fewer data and provides full enjoyment to the user. It is the time that you enjoy another app that is similar to WhatsApp but has more benefits to it.

As you know that Whatsapp has succeeded in winning the hearts of billions of people, the developers of this app have also created GbWhatsapp. This is a modified version of the app which can be downloaded on your smartphone easily. The best thing about this new version of Whatsapp is that the users can make both video and audio calls from the same source. It is also a free app just like Whatsapp. If you want to learn how to install gbwhatsapp on android phone, then you can do it by following the given steps carefully:

Go To Settings Of Your Phone

Go To Settings Of Your Phone

First of all, you need to go to your smartphone’s settings. In the security option, you should check for the unknown sources. You need to permit downloading new apps on your smartphone. You need to install an app from other sources than Play Store and that’s why you need to turn on the permission.

Download GB Whatsapp From Browser

Remember that GBWhatsapp isn’t available on Play Store and that’s why you need to go to your browser to download it. You can search for the APK file of GBWhatsapp and then you can download it on your smartphone.

Submit OTP

After downloading the app, you will install it and then it will ask an OTP confirmation from you. When you fill-up the OTP, you will confirm your account.

Enjoy Using the App

You can start using GBWhatsapp after making your account. You can have fun with all the different features of this application. It will be quite fun to use it because of its variety of features. This app is more secure than Whatsapp. The people who are using two smartphones just for the sake of two Whatsapp accounts should avoid doing this. You should download GBWhatsapp and take the benefit of two accounts on the same smartphone.

Enjoy Using the App

Now you must have learned how to install gbwhatsapp on an android phone. So, you shouldn’t waste time and download this app to enjoy the several benefits of it. This app will ensure better privacy and you can also send scheduled texts on this app. This auto-send timer messaging system isn’t available on Whatsapp. This app also contains new emojis and various kinds of themes. If someone needs to have dual WhatsApp accounts, then having GBWhatsapp will allow you to have two accounts on the same mobile phone.