Does fabric Need to be Washed Before Quilting

Does fabric Need to be Washed Before Quilting?

It is common to see that tailors and the experienced people with stitching agree to prefer wash fabrics before quilting.

One of my friends, a tailor, said that if you want better stitching, than when you come home after purchasing the fabrics, put them into a washing machine.

While we research the fabrics’ prewash before quilting, we got mixed answers from the experts, but most of them agree to wash the fabrics.

We will give you some of the facts we found that washing before quilting is a good idea. Please remain to connect with us at our content does fabric need to be washed before quilting.

Reasons to Wash fabrics before Quilting:

Reasons to Wash fabrics before Quilting

Here are some reasons why you need to wash fabrics before quilting.

• Washing helps to remove chemicals:

While we wash the fabrics before cutting them into pieces for quilting, they help us remove chemicals from these fabrics. While fabrics manufactured these passes from many chemicals that are harmful to the skin, it is better to wash before quilting to avoid any untoward situation.

• Washing helps to remove folds:

While we take fabrics for quilting at home, it may contain embedded folds that are hard enough and cannot be removed by simple iron. These embedded folds also cause problems while you are stitching quilts, so to remove these embedded folds, you need to wash fabrics before stitching.

• Washing assists to remove excess dyes:

There also found that most of the new fabrics contain an excessive amount of dyes, on washing their original color vanished, and a dirt color appears. All of your hardworking go waste on making the quilt, so save your time if you wash fabrics before quilting.

• Washing assist to protect from shrinkage:

The fabrics shrined while wash for the first time; if you do not wash your fabrics before quilting after quilting, your quilts may shrink, and all your measurements of the quilts disturb. So to make things ok with your quilts, it is a better idea washes fabrics before stitching.

Tips to follow while washing fabrics before quilting:

Tips to follow while washing fabrics before quilting

Some easy tips may help you wash fabrics before quilting in a better way.

• The first tips that do not mix up fabrics of different colors always wash the fabrics with the same colors.
• People use detergents for washing but never try this because when you wash fabrics with detergent, it becomes hard, and you will face difficulty in cutting and stitching.
• While you have purchased fabric for the quilt, throw it in the water to wash and not wait until the last minute. If you wash it on arrival, it will be ready for stitching at any time.
• When you wash the fabrics and roughly keep them, it becomes twisted to avoid twisting use clips and keep them straight after washing until the fabrics dry.
• When you wash fabrics for quilting, it is necessary to make it dry, but keeping in mind not too dry will make your fabric damp and hard.
• When you have finished the job of washing fabrics, keep in the dryer for little time; immediately after washing, you need to press the fabric with iron to avoid folds and shrinkage.


Mix opinion of the customer from experts can confuse prewashing of fabrics for quilting, but we found that most of them support prewash.

We have provided you facts to understand better why it is necessary to wash fabrics before quilting. For better results, all steps of washing are also provided to you.

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