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5 Content Marketing Tips Every Business Should be Using

According to the Census Bureau, more than 4.4 million new businesses were started by ‘pandemic entrepreneurs’ in 2021. That’s 51% higher than the 2010-2019 average. 

What does this mean for you, as a small business owner, when you have thousands more competitors in the marketplace? Well, your need to stand out from others will exemplify even more.

One way you can do that is by using content marketing ideas to boost your standing in the marketplace. Read on to see 5 content marketing tips that you will not want to live without. 

1. Use Video

No matter which industry you are in, your content marketing plan will need to include video content. It’s just the way of the world right now. Interesting video content will entice your customers and potential leads more than other styles of content would.

2. Let Others Do the Heavy Lifting

In today’s world of influencers and bloggers, why are you trying to do all the heavy lifting of content creation yourself? Take advantage of the content created by others in your industry by either bringing them as influencers into your business or linking to their content and boosting your website up (Google loves backlinks). 

3. Copy and Paste Is A-Okay

If you’ve seen TikTok video content, you know that many influencers are using each other’s content to make copy-paste videos. This way, they don’t have to think up funny new content, but they still get interesting stuff out to their viewers. Why not use this strategy in your content marketing plan as well? 

4. Humor Works Better than Fear

Many businesses have used fear-based marketing to no avail. Examples of those who use this strategy are safe driving and MADD organizations. 

It’s time to realize that fear-based content isn’t as powerful as humor-based content. This doesn’t mean that you can’t speak about serious topics at all, but that you use humor to garner attention rather than scare people into making better choices.

5. Put Out More Consistent Content

When you start the process of content creation, it can feel overwhelming. There are just so many mediums to use and so much content to create. But with a content map, you can simplify your entire content marketing strategy.

Read this post by the HOTH to understand how to create a content map for your business and start pumping out high-quality business content. 

Content Marketing Tips Only Work When You Use Them

Knowledge without action is useless, and this adage applies greatly to the content marketing tips mentioned above. If you don’t use them daily in your business, then there is no point in knowing about them.

Start by putting one of these tips into action and then add the others slowly as you get used to the idea of content creation. 

Looking for more tips? Keep reading through all the fascinating articles on our website to keep learning and growing as a marketer.