Clicking in Ear while Running

Clicking in Ear while Running: Facts You Should Know

Do you experience clicking sound while you are running? It happens with many people; around about 8 to 25 percent of the population is experiencing that in the United States. You may seem it is a minor issue, and you survive with it for years. But it can be the start of critical of chronic diseases, so you should inquire in it to know the exact reason and then take the necessary actions.

Here we will help you know if you experience clicking in the ear while running, then what it means, and clicking in the ear is a symptom of which disease is complete.

What Diseases Cause Clicking In The Ear While Running?

What Diseases Cause Clicking In The Ear While Running

One of the major diseases that mostly show symptoms of clicking in the ear while running is Tinnitus. But there are also some other diseases which also can be the reasons but too often.

You may experience clicking in the ear while running due to ear infection, hearing loss, loud noise exposure, ear trauma, brain tumors, anemia, an overactive thyroid, blood flow problems, and ear wax build-up.

Most of the time, it is not a severe issue that can heal itself after some days if the problem is minor. But if you do not feel healing, it is necessary to contact the doctor to get proper inquiry; it can be the reason for dangerous diseases like brain tumors.

How Does The Clicking In Ear Issue Originate?

It can originate in four sections of your hearing system: in the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, and Brain. The problem in the outer ear can heal quickly if it is due to some infection etc. But if it is due to the middle, inner or brain section, you need immediate consultation with your doctor.

How You Pronounce That Disease?

If you hear the clicking sound in the ear while running, it is called tinnitus. But tinnitus always not means clicking in the ear; if you experience clicking in the ear due to tinnitus, it is clicking or pulsatile tinnitus.

What Are The Reasons?

Clicking in the ear while running is not a disease itself, but it can reflection of other diseases some most occurring diseases that produce clicking problems are as under.

Trauma in Ear

Trauma in Ear

If you experience the trauma in your ear, then you will experience a clicking sound in both ears. It can reflect drugs, noise, or any other influences, and both ears affected equally.

Continuous Exposure to Loud Noise

There can be a reason for continuous exposure to loud noise.  Nowadays, it is a common problem, and people do not give much attention when they spend their time in a loud, noisy environment. It may not show an immediate impact, but slowly you will experience that problem.

It also causes hearing loss and can damage your hearing system. A research report shows that up to 25 million young adults experience that problem because they spend their time with high-intensity music, firearms, and other sources. It may make it worst for us, and we experience excess wax in the ear or ear infection. But in both cases clicking in the ear is a common symptom.

Drug Infection

Drug Infection

Every drug has some side effects, either having benefits. When someone takes excessive drugs, it can cause deafness or hearing loss. 

More than 200 different drugs can cause a problem in your ear system. We usually use some popular medicines without doctors’ recommendations, quinine, aspirin, and aminoglycoside antibiotics, impacting the hearing system if used excessively.

Hearing Loss

One of the most occurring reasons for clicking in the ear while running can be hearing loss. It is common when you experience age, but some other causes of hearing loss can be ear trauma and infection in the middle or inner ear.

When the major part of our ear cochlea becomes damaged, and it cannot produce and send sound signals to our brain, in reflection to that, our brain produces its sounds like clicking in the ear, which causes irritation and loss of hearing. Immediately consult with a doctor; if you face such a problem, another symptom of that disease is ear ache.

Acoustic Neuroma

It is not primarily occurring but can be the reason for clicking in the ear. It happens due to particular types of tumors in your brain. This problem does not happen frequently, but if you experience it, then it is a serious issue and needs proper and early treatment.

When tumors grow and increase their size in the nerves, they create problems to reach sound signals to your brain, and the brain starts producing its sounds like clicking sound. You will experience that issue in both ears.

Pulsatile tinnitus

Pulsatile tinnitus is a significant disease that causes clicking sound in the ear while you are running. It happens due to excessive blood flow, blood flow abnormalities in the ear nerves and near the area.

Anemia, pregnancy, tumors in your blood vessels, and overactive thyroid can be the reasons for pulsatile tinnitus. It can also occur due to hypertension, and you will hear a clicking sound in the ear, which causes irritation and pain.

Pulsatile tinnitus

Final Thoughts

Clicking in the ear while running is typical, and most of the time, it happens due to tinnitus disease. But there can be many other reasons if you experience clicking in the ear while running, such as hearing loss, ear trauma, drug side effects, ear infection, and high blood pressure.

Sometimes it happens due to severe diseases and needs immediate examination from your doctor due to a problem in your middle, inner ear, or brain.

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