best tire inflator with a gauge

How To Use Tire Inflator With Gauge

There was a time when we had to buy tire inflators and air pressure gauges separately. Well, that time is long gone. Because right now, you can find air inflators with gauge all over the internet. They are of different qualities, though.

This means you cannot afford to get your hands on them in the case of losing money over fool’s gold. So, what you need to do is get your hands on the best tire inflator with a gauge. But do you think it’s wise to start looking for the best product online without knowing how to use them?

Not at all. No one thinks that. So, in this article, we will talk about how to use tire inflator with gauge.

How to use a tire inflator with gauge

How to use a tire inflator with gauge

WE will guide you through the process step by step. If you complete reading the whole process without skipping anything, you can be sure that you will nail this. So, without any further ado, let’s proceed with what you came for.

Measuring the pressure

The first thing to do when using a tire inflator with gauge is to check the existing air pressure. Tires require to have optimum pressure when you are either inflating them or about to increase them. So, checking that is mandatory.

Now, if you have an inflator that doesn’t come with a gauge, you’ll have to buy one separately. That’s why having an inflator with gauge is more than necessary.

Check for a leak

Sometimes, we need to inflate our tires for inevitable leaks or the necessity of repairing. So, after measuring the pressure, it’s significant to check whether your tire has any leaks or does it need any repair or not.

If you inflate your tires without checking for a need for repair, you’re just wasting your time. Because if there’s a leak, the tire will not be able to hold onto that air you just put in. So, before starting the primary procedure, do check whether there’s any leak.

Prepping the tire to inflate

Prepping the tire to inflate

Now that you have checked for any leaks or need of repair, you can start the primary process. First, what you have to do is take off the pressure valve cap from the tire. Be very cautious about where you keep the valve cap because you can’t afford to lose that. Please keep it in a safe place or keep it in your hands.

Now, connect the inflator gage to the valve, and you can now start the inflating process.


Prepping is done. It’s time to inflate the tire. Add the air pressure to the inflator accordingly and wait for it to finish the job. When the job is done, just put in the valve cap, and yes, you are done.

Final words

If you carefully take a look at the process, you will see that inflating a car tire entirely depends on checking the pressure. Because without that, you won’t know if your tire needs air or not. Also, you can determine how much air it needs.

That’s why you have to get yourself the best tire inflator with gauge. Because that’s convenient and you know it.