Benefits of Custom Oilfield Chemical Manufacturing

Benefits of Custom Oilfield Chemical Manufacturing

Custom Oilfield Chemical Manufacturing offers customers the advantages of a single source. It is easier to manage raw materials and finished products at one location, limiting freight costs and providing more space for customer operations. Custom oilfield chemical manufacturing also offers packaging and logistics, which completes the turnkey operation equation. Riteks, for example, provides an unparalleled procurement advantage, focusing on the unique requirements of oil and gas industry. Listed below are some additional benefits of custom oilfield chemical manufacturing.


Oilfield Chemical Manufacturing

Oilfield companies seek a cost-efficient and efficient way to produce new blends. Building a new production line and purchasing specialty equipment can quickly become a significant expense. And a return on investment can be difficult to achieve. A contract chemical manufacturing company like Riteks can offer turnkey solutions for a variety of oilfield chemicals and ensure that each product meets specifications. The following are some reasons why contract manufacturing companies are the best choice for this industry.


In today’s booming petrochemical industry, logistics are an important part of the process. The oil and gas industry relies heavily on oil field chemical manufacturing and shipping services. There are strict regulations surrounding the transport of these chemicals. Breaking one of these regulations can cost thousands of dollars. Logistics providers must be aware of these regulations to ensure safe and timely transport of their products. The following are some tips to ensure safe and timely delivery of your chemical products.


With a vast array of chemicals and equipment, it’s essential for an oilfield chemical company to have the ability to customize and manufacture blends on a smaller scale. The costs of specialty equipment and the space needed to start a new production line are substantial, and a return on investment is often difficult to achieve. Thankfully, contract chemical manufacturers like Riteks are on hand to help companies like yours reduce costs and maximize ROI by providing custom-designed solutions and storage benefits.

Biosurfactants as a promising future

A new class of biosurfactants is emerging, based on their molecular weight and origin. They can be manufactured using a variety of renewable agricultural resources and waste products, and can significantly reduce cost. Biosurfactants have many advantages over conventional detergents. Here are a few of the benefits. Read on to learn about the biosurfactants of the future. The future of custom oilfield chemical suppliers may lie with biosurfactants.

Control of risk

In oil and gas, control of risk is essential for both suppliers and customers. A custom oilfield chemical manufacturing service provider should follow a safety-management program that focuses on developing site-specific elements, such as process safety information and hazard analysis, operating procedures, and applicator competency evaluation. It should also include a safety audit program to ensure compliance with each element. Safety audits are performed at the actual location to ensure adherence to all safety-related measures.