how are paper straws made

A Proper Guide About Making Of Paper Straws

It is very important that we take the right steps to keep our environment completed protected for the next generation. At the present time, plastic is one of the main reasons of increasing pollution around the world and we should definitely control it in the products. It is possible to replace the plastic products in several Industries including packaging, cups, plates and even plastic straws. Straws are used at a large scale around the world and it will be good to go for the option of paper straws as the perfect alternative of the normal plastic straws.

If you are also looking to use paper straws to keep the plastic away, you should definitely know how are paper straws made and how can you do it at your home. If you also want to know about the complete process to make paper straws, you are at the right place for it. You just need to follow the steps given below for it. To know other information, you have to visit website.

Cut the Strips of Paper:

Cut the strips of paper

First of all, you will need to get the colored paper to make the straws with easy steps. You just need to mark the paper 2 cut it to make the paper straw. You will need to cut the paper into the strips having a width size of 1 inch and you can easily roll it to make the straw to use it as the alternative to the plastic straws.

Use Glue and Roll the Paper:

After cutting the strips of the paper, you will need to use the Glue to line up two strips side by side and then you will start to roll it at an angle around a slim rod. It will provide the shape of a straw to the paper strips and you will need to trim the corners from both sides with the help of a scissor.

Go with Waterproof Coating:

Go with Waterproof Coating

You will definitely need to provide the feature of waterproofing when you want to use a paper straw. You will definitely get help with melt candle Wax for it. You can definitely use it and you will get the paper straws into it for waterproofing. You will need to be careful when you are going with this process and you should definitely do it in a proper way with waterproofing.

After completing these steps, you are ready to use your paper straws having different colors according to the selected paper colors. It is the complete process of how are paper straws made at home. If you want to go for these options instead of getting the plastic straws, you can definitely get it in the market. At the present time, you will be able to get it easily by visiting a good online shop. Just search online for it and you can easily order to get it at your address. After that, you will be able to use it to enjoy your favorite drink or shake in a completely safe way as compared to the traditional plastic straws that are harmful to our environment.